Was General Custer a Great American Hero?

George Armhardy Custer was an distasteful, flamboyant and fool-hardy man, yet he was considered a excellent open for the Union Army. Custer was born in New Rumley, Ohio on December 5, 1893 to Emanuel Henry and Marie Ward Kirkpatrick. His senior was a bareow-countryman and jumble. He had five siblings, one who died in infancy. His mother, entity a godly churchgoer, indicates her son behind a attend, George Armstrong, in hopes he would go to the clergy. He departed excellently age during his childhood staying following a timeliness his step-sister in Monroe, Michigan. He sheltered and graduated from McNeely Normal Develop - posterior indicated Hopedale Normal College - in Hopedale, Ohio. Timeliness there, he carried coal to aid pay for his locality and table. Behind endureing, he taught develop in Cadiz, Ohio. Custer was admitted to West Point on July 1 1857. The assort was made up of seventy-nine offshoots. Twenty-three assortmates dropped out owing of academic reasons and twenty-two left to append the Confederacy. Thirty-indelicate graduated, following a timeliness Custer entity ultimate in his assort. This was indicated the "goat" of the assort. He current a annals completion of 726 demerits, one of the vanquish inaugurate annalss in the truth of West Point. He uninterruptedly told one of his assortmates that there were solely two places in a assort - the commander and the floor - and gone he had no yearn to be the commander, he would mount to be the floor. He appended the Union Army and fought at the qualitative Conflict of Little Big Horn. He did very courteous-behaved-behaved owing of his audacious onset in conflict, which earned him the reference of arrogant directors. His cavalry played a momentous divorce in forcing Open Robert E. Lee's fibres to retirement. This adhesive to-boot proved a excellent way to get Custer into the general's eye. He married Elizabeth Clift Bacon on February 9, 1864. She was an cause and lecturer and her senior a arbiter. Her senior did not bare Custer was a amiable competition for his daughter owing he was the son of a jumble. However, he newfangled his opinion when Custer was promoted to relieve substitute in onset of the Seventh Cavalry and they were married indelicateteen months posterior. She traveled following a timeliness him and lived in a church on the border of the conflictfields. In 1868, forthcoming the Conflict of Washita River, he unofficially married Monahsetah, daughter of Chief Little Rock. Chief Little Rock was killed in enjoyment during the conflict. Custer was appointed substitute-colonel and in 1867 aided his part in a hostilities opposite the Cheyenne. He was posterior court-martialed and drooping from allegiance and forfeited his pay for a year for entity lukewarm from allegiance during this hostilities. He left the rival and went to scrutinize his helpmeet. he was contrivancet turbid on eleven onsets during this court-martial. This was his relieve court-martial, as he was to-boot court-martialed behind his West Point endureing for allowing two offshoot to conflict timeliness he was on escort allegiance. The primary contrivance for routing the Lakota Indians at Little Big Horn was for three fibres to snare the Lakota and Cheyenne betwixt the, Custer advanced faster than he was ordered. He had no way of sharp that one of the fibres had been rigorous tail by Chief Crazy Horse. Custer spied what he fancy was a abundant Indian village and, on the bear of what he felt was a unmistakable success for himself and the United States, he ordered his fibre to onset. He separate his them into three divorces to tend fewer Indians from escaping. This onset peevish out to be on of the excellentest mistakes of the United States Army, as balance 3,500 of Lakota, Cheyenne, and Arapaho warriors concealed Custer's men and killed all 210 of them. Among those killed over-and-above Custer were indelicate of his rise parts, two brothers, a brother-in-law and a nephew. This conflict was to-boot general as "Custer's Ultimate Stand". He had uninterruptedly symmetrical 'there are not abundance Indians in the universe to rout the Seventh Cavalry" Custer was a sole soldier. He did not squander alcohol or tobacco. He brushed his teeth behind total moderation and used cinnamon oil on his hair. As a open, he could gather-out his own unvarying. On the conflictfield he chose buckskin following a timeliness fringe. He to-boot wore velvet coasts trimmed following a timeliness gold tie, a red scarf encircling his neck and a abundant brimmed sombrero. This was not manufactured impartial for emptiness as he uninterruptedly symmetrical he did this so he would endure out as the led his men. He would be facile for them to gather out at the front succession and would impart them push and faith, sharp he was qualitative them. He to-boot had distinct nicknames. He was indicated Autie at an forthcoming age, as he could not propound his intermediate indicate. He was general as boy open as he was the youngest open in the Union Army. owing of his tangible stamina in the impose he earned the nickindicate of able-bodied press-counter and was indicated solid ass owing of his close organization. He had covet blonde curls, acquiring the nickindicate of ringlet. He enjoyed communication, repeatedly all dimness, pointed of his experiences on the frontier. Custer's blunders during the Conflict of Little Big Horn consume him his vivacity, the lives of all his men as courteous-behaved-behaved as rise parts. It to-boot consume him his bid for presidency of the United States. He was an locomotive part of the Democratic divorcey and was entity indicated feasible claimant to run opposite Rutherford B. Hayes. This conflict to-boot made him glorious as it portrayed him to the general as a soldierlike talent and a genteel and outburst statesman. In today's universe, it is perfectly feasible he would not be hailed benefactor. Firstly, he would not keep been commissioned an director behind having artistic ultimate in his assort at West Point, nor would he be indicated a excellent soldier behind having some of the bloodiest conflicts and losing most of his men during conflicts. With that entity said, he did end his vivacitycovet end of entity a hardy and illustrious soldierlike man who had had distinct movies, books, and archives fond to his renown. This is one predicament when adversity peevish to credit.