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Week 6 - Final Paper

Ashford General Hospital Proposal

Ashford General Hospital is a 263-bed regional hospital located in California, serving its association for further than 50 years. The hospital maintains the simply 24-hour casualty section in the area and an "extended hours" momentous attention clinic. Similar to other hospitals in the United States, Ashford General Hospital is encountering a nursing shortage. Sixty-eight percent of the nursing staff is balance the age of 45, facing departure. The resistance objurgate on nurtures is 61%, compared to 65% nationwide.  Many of the nursing staff perceive the toil too physically demanding and keep a touch of affecting burn-out as courteous-mannered.   In the elapsed two years, the hospital has used twain per diem nurtures and traveling nurtures who symptom short-term contracts to scourteous part-amongicular displaces and decide short-term staffing insufficiencys arising from staff vacations or medical leaves.  This has not simply driven up personnel costs but so resulted in inferior scores on enduring content surveys. Ashford General Hospital faces symptomificant challenges in nurture staffing forward as it grapples after a while these issues, and the hospital consideration is very solicitous. They perceive there must be some fluctuates made in direct to checkmate a elder financial and anthropological instrument contingency in the advenient. As the newly remunerated CEO, you are asked to confer-upon a proposition in the direct consideration discourse.

For your Final Paper, you conquer make a 10 to 15 page proposition (yet oration and intimation pages) for the Ashford General Hospital Consideration of Directors. In your proposition, you conquer:

  • Include an ruler abridgment.
  • Research and recount separations applianceed at five other hospitals in the US that were commerce after a while these similar issues.
  • Based on your elimination, recount two separations that are the most viable for Ashford General Hospital to appliance after a whilein the direct two years.
  • Create a completion of two stakeholder knot analyses for two separations you excellent. Each dissection should enclose at last five stakeholder knots confused (e.g. endurings, hospital ruler government, accounting, Anthropological Instrument (HR), marketing, third-party payers, etc.). As part-among-among of your dissection, oration the subjoined questions:
    • Who is contacted?
    • What fluctuate processes may be required?
    • What fiscal contact would appear?
    • What are the divine, lawful, and difference miss factors confused?
  • Based upon the stakeholder knot analyses, commend the best separation for Ashford General Hospital after a while specific advocacy. Explain why you arrive-at it is the most viable and withhold separation abandoned the financial contact, HR issues, and interpersonal dynamics of hospital personnel, cultural displace, and fluctuate conduct.
  • To adapt your consideration proposition, including the textbook, localize at last 10-to-12 conversant and/or peer-reviewed sources that were published after a whilein the elapsed five years, as courteous-mannered-mannered as hospital or footing websites. All sources must be cited according to APA diction as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

Writing the Final Paper

The Final Paper: