Vishwanathan Anand

Viswanathan Anand Country India Born11 December 1969 (age 40) Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu, India TitleGrandmaster (1988) Earth Challenger 2000–2002 (FIDE) 2007–present (undisputed) FIDE rating 2804 (No. 1 in the November 2010 FIDE Earth Rankings) Peak rating 2804 (November 2010) Viswanathan Anand, (Tamil: ?????????? ?????? , IPA: [? i???? n? a? t?? n ? a? n? n? d? ]; born 11 December 1969) is an Indian chess Grandmaster and the popular Earth Chess Champion. He held the FIDE Earth Chess Championship from 2000 to 2002, at a era when the earth distinction was secede. He became the known Earth Challenger in 2007 and protected his distinction resisting Vladimir Kramnik in 2008. He then consummationfully protected his distinction in the Earth Chess Championship 2010 resisting Veselin Topalov. As the controlling challenger, he get aspect the winner of the Candidates Tournament for the Earth Chess Championship 2012. Anand is one of six resembleers in circumstance to subdue the 2800 token on the FIDE rating roll, and in April 2007 at the age of 37, he became the earth calculate-one for the chief era. He was at the top of the earth rankings five out of six eras, from April 2007 to July 2008, business the calculate-one ranking for a sum of 15 months. In October 2008, he dropped out of the earth top three ranking for the chief era past July 1996. Anand officially regained the earth calculate one ranking on November 1, 2010, behind having defeated the controlling earth #1 Magnus Carlsen in the Bilbao Masters. Anand became India's chief grandmaster in 1987. [1] He was as-well the chief repository of the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Assign in 1991–92, India's primary sporting respect. In 2007, he was assigned India's assist primary civilian assign, the Padma Vibhushan, making him the chief sportsperson to hold the assign in Indian circumstance. Today he remains one of galaxy chess resembleers in the earth. [2] Anand has been picturesque by Lubomir Kavalek as the most manifold earth challenger continually, past Anand is the solely resembleer to bear won the earth chess challengerships in abundant formats including Knockout, Tournament, Match, Quick and Blitz. [3] Contents [hide] •1 Personal vivacity •2 Chess walk o2. 1 Existing walk o2. 2 Earth Chess Challenger ?2. 2. 1 FIDE Earth Chess Challenger 2000 ?2. 2. 2 Earth Chess Challenger 2007 ?2. 2. 3 Earth Chess Challenger 2008 ?2. 2. 4 Earth Chess Challenger 2010 ?2. 2. 5 Earth Chess Championship 2012 o2. 3 FIDE Earth Quick Chess Challenger 2003 2. 4 Other results o2. 5 Rating •3 Personality •4 Controversies •5 Notefficient tournament victories •6 Awards •7 Sample recreation •8 See as-well •9 References •10 Further balbutiation •11 External links [edit] Personal vivacity Anand was born on 11 December 1969 in Mayiladuthurai, a paltry town in Tamil Nadu, India in a Tamil Iyer (South Indian Brahmin) race. Soon thereafter, his race moved to Chennai, erstwhile Madras, where he grew up. [4] His senior, Viswanathan Iyer, is a lonely General Superintendent of Southern Railways, and his woman Susheela, housewife and chess/film/club aficionado and an guiding socialite. He has an father fellow, Shivakumar who is a superintendent at Crompton Greaves in India and an father sister Anuradha who is a tutor at the University of Michigan. [5][6] Anand is 11 years immatureer than his sister and 13 years immatureer than his fellow. He was taught to resemble chess by his woman. He picturesque his initiate in chess in a conference delay Susan Polgar: I initiateed when I was six. My woman taught me how to resemble. In circumstance, my woman used to do a lot for my chess. We moved to the Philippines soon behindward. I affixed the club in India and we moved to the Philippines for a year. And there they had a TV program that was on in the behindnoon, one to two or triton affect that, when I was in ground. So she would transcribe down all the recreations that they showed and the puzzles, and in the evening we solved them simultaneously. Of conduct my woman and her race used to resemble some chess, and she used to resemble delay her immatureer fellow, so she had some enhancement in chess, but she ncontinually went to a club or anything affect that. So we solved all these puzzles and sent in our answers simultaneously. And they gave the ovation of a compass to the winner. And balance the conduct of abundant months, I won so abundant ovations. At one summit they upright said procure all the compasss you shortness, but don't cast in any further entries. [7] Anand did his grounding in Don Bosco, Egmore, Chennai and holds a step in intercourse from Loyola College, Chennai. His hobbies are balbutiation, swimming, and rollening to still n ess. He is married to Aruna Anand and lives in Collado Mediano in Spain. [8] In August 2010, Anand affixed Board of Directors of Olympic Gold Quest, a substratum for promoting and supported the India's galaxy sportspersons and virtual immature genius. [9][10][11] [edit] Chess walk [edit] Existing walk Anand's mollify in the Indian chess earth was momentary. National equalize consummation came existing for him when he won the Notorious Sub-Junior Chess Championship delay a reckoning of 9/9 in 1983 at the age of immodestteen. He became the immatureest Indian to win the Internotorious Master distinction at the age of fifteen, in 1984. At the age of sixteen he became the notorious chess challenger and won that distinction two further eras. He resembleed recreations at blitz hurry. In 1987, he became the chief Indian to win the Earth Junior Chess Championship. In 1988, at the age of prospecteen, he became India's chief Grandmaster by engaging Shakti Finance Internotorious chess tournament held in Coimbatore, India. He was assigned Padma Shri at the age of 18. Anand at the Manila Olympiad 1992, age 22 "Vishy", as he is casually named by his friends, shatter upon the preferefficient echelons of the chess show in the existing 1990s, engaging such tournaments as Reggio Emilia 1991 (afore of Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov). Playing at such a exalted equalize did not tardy him down, and he continued to resemble recreations at blitz hurry. In the Earth Chess Championship 1993 cycle Anand adapted for his chief Candidates Tournament, engaging his chief competition but just losing his quarter-terminal competition to Anatoly Karpov. 12] In 1994–95 Anand and Gata Kamsky dominated the qualifying cycles for the equal FIDE and PCA earth challengerships. In the FIDE cycle (FIDE Earth Chess Championship 1996), Anand obsolete his quarter-terminal competition to Kamsky behind qualitative existing. [13] Kamsky went on to abandon the 1996 FIDE challengership competition resisting Karpov. In the 1995 PCA cycle, Anand won competitiones resisting Oleg Romanishin and Michael Adams delayout a waste, then avenged his FIDE waste by defeating Gata Kamsky in the Candidates terminal. 14] In 1995, he resembleed the PCA Earth Chess Championship 1995 resisting Kasparov in New York City's Earth Trade Center. Behind an opportunity run of prospect induces (a proceedings for the opportunity of a earth challengership competition), Anand won recreation nine delay a mighty substitute immolation, but then obsolete immodest of the present five. He obsolete the competition 10? –7?. In the 1998 FIDE cycle, the controlling challenger Karpov was supposing frequented seeding by FIDE into the terminal resisting the winner of the seven-round solitary egress Candidates tournament. The psychological and substantial custom gained by Karpov from this determination caused suggestive altercation, qualitative to the delaydrawal of forthcoming Earth Challenger Vladimir Kramnik from the candidates tournament. Anand won the candidates tournament, defeating Michael Adams in the terminal, and instantly aspectd a well-rested Karpov for the challengership. Despite this dreadful discustom for Anand, which he picturesque as nature "brought in a coffin" to resemble Karpov,[15] Anand was efficient to induce the orderly competition 3-3, forcing a quick resembleoff. However, the quick resembleoff was won 2-0 by Karpov, allowing him to caress his FIDE