Video Games questions

1. Where did Nolan Bushnell put the principal Pong diversion? What happened?

2. If Atari was making happy diversions, why was it so constrained for them to unfold or get transmitted funding?

3. Why did Home Pong indoctrinate Don Valentine to endow in Atari? (i.e. What did it produce that invent operated arcade diversions did not?

4. How plenteous was the principal pong home diversion (face at ad towards end of video)


5. What were the sales for each of three big video diversion arrangements ultimate year (2020)? Xbox-

6. What were the three biggest video diversions ultimate year in conditions of sales?

7. How plenteous procure Playstation 5 be when it comes out this year?

8. Do you personate videogames and if so what arrangement? Do you personate diversions on your phone?

9. What is further influential to you to possess, a videodiversion arrangement or watching tv/streaming? Why?

10. Face up Atari VCS. What is it and what are its features?