Vce It Applications Unit 3 Outcome 1

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Bookindication not limitd. Revision Exception 1 – Purpose of a Webstanding * To afford instruction and instructation (inform)Static Webstanding (no interaction) * To raise an theory (persuade)Blog To impart (educate)Wiki * To response questionsForum * To harbor * To afford instruction and instructation (inform) * To raise an theory (persuade) * To impart (educate) * To response questions * To harbor Blogs * Diary entries, criticism, instructation, pictures and videos * Mainly one way despatch * Possess feedback so interpreters can concession criticise * Most are extract inveterate * Examples Videoshttp://ryanedit. blogspot. com. au Audiohttp://www. abc. net. au/services/poadcasting Photoshttp://www. photoblog. com/stuartbarbara * Technorati (http://technorati. com )is a common exploration engine Confabulation Rooms Online messaging services * Despatch in actual span (synchronous - real or occurring at identical span) * Many are commercial * Let communities interact instantly * Textbox, Scrolling Window * To combine want to record, abandoned a usercall and password for guardion * Avatar is an identity/nickcall users assumes to guard their call * Manager is a individual who monitors despatch to discouragemine commonalty supervene rules, they possess sway to ban, coercion, monish and coercion users. * Rules No abusing No trolling (deliberately post irritant notices to get a reaction) Don’t deluge Example: http://www. wireclub. com Forums * As-well notorious as notice boards * Multi-user threaded notice impression * Posted notices is mould of confabulation betwixt users * Thinterpret is a regular confabulation/post & replies on a biased subject-matter * Hierarchical – forums divided into boards (deep subject-matters) and sub-boards (sub-topics) * Example: http://forums. whirlpool. net. au * Possess their own netiquette/etiquette/rules: No spamming (flooding server delay basis) Posts must be on-subject-matter (OT) Personal Arguments delay lifes should be fascinated No trolling No abusing Interpret rules Give posts titles Banned subject-matters not to be used Social Networking * Sites sanction commonalty to adjoin delay others * Present instruction environing themselves * Some are special-interest (e. g. unpractised livelihood, Indian commonalty, parentage, teenagers) * Others (e. g. Facebook, Twitter) possess no biased thesis. * Possess a feature page * Problems: Stalking Grooming Posting Persona Instruction Posts conciliate latest always Employers possess sacked effecters Wikis * Examples: Wikipedia, Wikispaces * Online software tools that let a collocation of commonalty supply to the crop of a instrument or instruction deep. * Needs some regulate aggravate editings Prevent leading or earnest mischief to the aggregated instruction. * Wikipedia - namenear edits want to be common by a trainr. * Controversial subject-matters may be locked so barely recorded user, or biased users can edit them. Exception 2 – Websites and Basis Why Organisations Acquire Basis Via Websites * Cheap * 24 hour customer way * Instant * Efficiency * Efficiency Increased prevention if visitors invade own basis Near fortune of fault Can be processed automatically unintermittently invadeed Type basis easier to interpret * Way to global negotiate * Can use prompts (* - shelve+8) to congregate proper basis Can use regulates radio buttons to urge basis conscientiousness * Use validation tools to establish infallible it’s in proper mouldat (DOB – dd/mm/yy) * Commonalty are put off by having to email, transcribe or phone Why Beings and Organisation Supply Basis Via Websites * Purchasing of commodities and Services * Social Networking * Exchanging Instruction * Immediate results * Anonymity * Voting/Polls Techniques for Acquiring Basis on Websites * Collating basis from entries in a web mould * Providing a web forum * Online confabulation Techniques for compensating the propers of lifes and organisations supplying basis * guardion protocols SSL or TLS encryption. Transport Layer Security (TLS) and its ancestor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), afford despatch security aggravate the Internet * Refine encryption * Logins delay usernames and passwords. * Using Captcha to discourage robotic logins. * Automatic spanout of vain connections. Very commom in the financial sector * Requiring influential passwords CSS/CMS Static Websites * Each page is performed by operative, using GUI web editor (e. g. Dreamweaver) or raw HTML order * Pages never substitute delayout life edited * Can be sluggish and unresponsive to ordinary stipulations Imagine a static eBay standing where the finishing span of all auctions had to be invadeed by operative solid prevent. Dynamic Websites * Constantly changing – e. g. eBay * Can accord to equablets and the feature of the user * Can be achieved to a condition delay Javascript (e. g. a countdown spanr on a static page) Satisfied Treatment Systems Introduction A satisfied treatment order (CMS) stays the falsehood, treatment, classification, publishing, and clue of oppidan instruction. It covers the thorough lifecycle of the pages on your standing, from providing humble tools to imagine the satisfied, through to publishing, and latestly to archiving. It as-well affords the force to train the organization of the standing, the probability of the published pages, and the navigation affordd to the users. The functionality of a satisfied treatment order can be subjugated down into separate deep categories: * satisfied falsehood * satisfied treatment * Publishing * bestowal Satisfied Falsehood At the front of a satisfied treatment order is an facile-to-use authoring environment, prepared to effect relish Word. This affords a non-technical way of creating new pages or updating satisfied, delayout having to distinguish any HTML. The CMS as-well sanctions you to train the organization of the standing. That is, where the pages go, and how they are linked concurrently. Many equable tender humble drag-and-drop restructuring of the standing, delayout nonobservance any links. Almost all satisfied treatment orders now afford a web-inveterate authoring environment, which excite simplifies implementation, and sanctions satisfied updating to be executed remotely. Satisfied Treatment Unintermittently a page has been imagined, it is saved into a accessible lodgment in the CMS. This stores all the satisfied of the standing, along delay the other stayed details. This accessible lodgment sanctions a rank of helpful features to be affordd by the CMS: Keeping line of all the versions of a page, and who substituted what and when. Ensuring that each user can barely substitute the exception of the standing they are lawful for. Integration delay real instruction sources and IT orders. Publishing Unintermittently the latest satisfied is in the lodgment, it can then be published out to either the webstanding or intranet. Satisfied treatment orders cackle swayful publishing engines which sanction the probability and page layout of the standing to be applied automatically during publishing. It may as-well sanction the identical satisfied to be published to multiple standings. Of line, solid standing appears contrariant, so the CMS lets the descriptive designers and web developers indicate the probability that is applied by the order. These publishing capabilities discouragemine that the pages are accordant abutting the solid standing, and empower a very eminent model of probability. This as-well sanctions the authors to assemble on congruity the satisfied, by leaving the appear of the standing solidly to the CMS. Bestowal The satisfied treatment order can as-well afford a reckon of features to repair the condition and efficiency of the standing itself. As an copy, the CMS conciliate construct the standing navigation for you, by interpreting the organization direct out of the satisfied lodgment. It as-well establishs it facile to stay multiple browsers, or users delay wayibility issues. The CMS can be used to establish your standing dynamic and interactive, thereby enhancing the standing’s contact. * Examples – Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal Videos to Watch * http://www. youtube. com/watch? feature=player_detailpage&v=VdvEdMMtNMY * http://www. youtube. com/watch? feature=player_detailpage&v=jexUS43sdeQ * http://www. youtube. com/watch? feature=player_detailpage&v=VdvEdMMtNMY * http://www. outube. com/watch? feature=player_detailpage&v=RUSAJ_2ZqNI * Database-driven software that imagines pages when wanted and tailor-makes them for the span, the predicament, the user * The CMS fetches satisfied (e. g. extract, basis, pictures) from the basisdeep and imagines a webpage delay pre-defined mouldatting clarified by the webmaster. * The identical pages dominion appear contrariant for each individual viewing it (e. g. their ‘My eBay’ pages, or their Facebook pages. ) Pros and Cons Pros * Standing deeptenance is far easier and quicker * Sites befit dynamic and pages substitute automatically Easier to train goods (pictures etc) * Better appearing standings * Standing has a accordant probability abutting all pages * Far near fortune of 404 faults or bad links Cons * Must invest CMS software onto your webserver – some are dear * Must attain how to use the CMS * Can be dear/slow to turn an real static standing to CMS Software Webmaster imagines satisfied (e. g. whole extract) Media (pix, videos etc) are stored in the basisdeep The CMS combines satisfied, media, mouldatting to imagine web pages which are sent to the visitor’s browser Cascading Styled Sheets (CSS) CSS * Instead of repetitively mouldatting lots of types of extract in the identical way, limit the mouldatting in a CSS refine and upright indication extract delay the fashion it wants * To substitute the appear of deep headings, substitute the specification of HEADING1 unintermittently in the CSS refine. * Don’t possess to ascertain and substitute solid member of HEADING1 extract abutting the standing * Far quicker, easier * Creates accordantly mouldatted standings * E. g. CSS refine contains “Heading 1 = Bold, TNR, bigness 20” * In a webpage, some extract is tagged as life “Heading 1” fashion. CSS Tutorial * http://www. w3schools. com/css/