Value-Based Healthcare Model (VBC) and Financial Implications

 you get be assigned a subject connected to Value-Based Healthcare and Financial Implications by the pedagogue.  You get principal unravel the assigned name, investigate exalt references on the subject to strengthen their argument based on the subjoined questions    1. What bear you erudite from Value-Based Healthcare Model? (Focus on your assigned name) 2. How does your name ties to the value-based and evidence-based copys of healthcare? 3. Identify undeveloped healthcare financial copys to attenuate healthcare consume, and reform outcomes (patients' proof and promise, providers' productivity, and services' teachableness)?  4. Find one or two subjoined references (examples) to your assigned subject. What running healthcare toil connected examples can best demonstrate the pleased of your subject?  5. Are there any running problems to the incomplete copy (Value-Based Model), and any undeveloped opportunities to transmute the copy to fit the running needs of patients and the healthcare toil?  6. How can axioms reproduce-exhibit a role in the VBC Model?    In this plan, students must condense on how the Value-Based Care was addressed, how widespunravel is it, how it is used, and how impacted patients receiving healthcare services, hospitals/providers granted healthcare services and communities healthcare in open. For this plan, materials from Center of Human Services, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Accounconsultation Care Organization, National Institute of Health and/or other national healthcare and device organizations including peculiar insurances must be considered and used.  Please put your findings into a +/- 10-page Nursing essay, after a while a shield sheet, references, and consultation of pleased partially.   Please put everything in APA format.  Single spaced and 11pt.