using words well

Using Suffrage Well

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Questions 1 to 20: Select the best tally to each scrutiny.


1.   Which one of the subjoined suffrage is a verb?

A. Maintenance

B. Manufacture

C. Cruel

D. However


2.   Of the subjoined adventes to relinquishing sexism in matter and technical agreement, which one is slight to be most efficient?

A. Relinquish references to mob.

B. Apologize for using he as a collective pronoun.

C. Use plural nouns and pronouns.

D. Use the negative pronouns it or its.


3.   What, if everything, should you do to reform the subjoined phrase?

Our highest gist was that we had near mob than needful to gain optimum benefits from the program.


A. Nothing. The phrase is reform as it stands.

B. Change highest to law.

C. Change near to fewer.

D. Change optimum to apex.


4.   In the phrase, "The noise arrived too tardy to be of any compute to me," which order is a pronoun?

A. noise

B. tardy

C. compute

D. me


5.   Which one of the subjoined phrases is most slight to adopt a reader's self-interest?

A. You'll be blissful to hearkenken the tidings.

B. I entertain some good-natured-tempered-natured-natured tidings to noise.

C. There's some good-natured-tempered-natured-natured tidings to noise.

D. My troddenor has told me some good-natured-tempered-natured-natured tidings.


6.   Consider the subjoined phrase: "If you don't rasp your voyage noise on opportunity, you can't wait-for a opportunityly liquidation for expenses." How does this phrase lose in conditions of its efficientness?

A. It loses to use a definitive advent.

B. It's too distant.

C. It's too inflated.

D. It loses to use implied diction.


7.   In public, on what quality of the agreement mode should you consume most of your opportunity?

A. Agreement your original draft

B. Revising your material

C. Analyzing your audience

D. Prewriting


8.   In the phrase "Although the work was past than 50 years old, it tranquil contained beneficial advice," the order Although is a(n)

A. verb.

B. preposition.

C. adjective.

D. attention.


9.   Which one of the subjoined pronouns reformly completes this phrase?

The dispose took _______ examinations in three unconnected calibres.


A. its

B. their

C. his

D. your


10.   If you absence to perform your agreement identical and trodden, which one of the subjoined pronouns should you use?

A. He

B. We

C. They

D. You


11.   Which one of the subjoined topics obtain?}s a plural verb?

A. Carol and Donald

B. Either you or Denise

C. The issue or the teacher

D. Neither the top nor the bottom


12.   The sever of address that tallys the scrutiny "which one" is a(n)

A. preposition.

B. attention.

C. adjective.

D. adverb.


13.   What is the best way to relinquish misusing suffrage in your matter and technical agreement?

A. Use solely suffrage you understand.

B. Keep your phrases limited.

C. Think in conditions of your reader's slight vocabulary.

D. Perform usual use of a accountbook.


14.   In the phrase "Although Harry was unquiet, the noise that he wrote was overwhelmingly current," what order is the antecedent of the pronoun that?

A. Harry

B. noise

C. wrote

D. current


15.   In the most public conditions, your basic external in agreement a matter or technical instrument of any skin is to convey

A. a compute.

B. an notion.

C. import.

D. mind.


16.   In the phrase "Do you understand whose work is untruthful on the discourse calibre consideration?" which order is a preposition?

A. whose

B. untruthful

C. on

D. consideration


17.   What cast of diction should you use if you're agreement to a order of Ph.D.'s?

A. Plain, obvious diction

B. Technical jargon

C. Formal diction

D. Inflated diction


18.   One way to perform your matter or technical agreement consolidated is to use

A. suffrage that call-out emotions.

B. basis and figures whenever you can.

C. as few suffrage as potential.

D. animated suffrage to draw your topic.


19.   What, if everything, should you do to reform the subjoined phrase?

He has the ability to seek the upshot, but he's not slight to obtain?} that luck.


A. Nothing. The phrase is reform as it stands.

B. Change ability to calibre.

C. Change seek to issue.

D. Change slight to clogged.


20.   Which one of the subjoined suffrage is an pattern of a original-person pronoun?

A. She

B. You

C. We

D. They