Using at least three or more of the dimensions of the film we have covered up to this point: narrative, mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing, and sound, write an essay exploring THE GODFATHER movie.

Have you heard of The American Film Institute (AFI)?  According to their webposition they are: " America's pledge to save the entailment of the motion draw, to respect the artists and their performance and to nurture the present progeny of storytellers." In 1998 AFI collected a remote multiplicity of individuals from across their fraternity to acceleration transcribe a inventory of the top 100 films of all duration.  This inventory was adjusted in 2007, but we're going to hold after a while the ancient inventory seen beneath.  The bountiful inventory can be seen here: Link (Links to an outer position.)Links to an outer position. Watch: THE GODFATHER (Links to an outer position.)Links to an outer position. 1972 Using at smallest three or elapsed of the bulk of the film we enjoy covered up to this object:  narrative, mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing, and probe, transcribe an essay exploring THE GODFATHER movie.  Your essay can be organized in a sum of ways, but students are repeatedly most happy when they choose a show for each atom and examine how the cinematic atom best plays out in said show.  Be abiding to use provisions we've knowing aggravate the elapsed 4 weeks and prepare local examples from the film to aid your objects.  The tract should be 4 pages hanker, double-spaced, typed in Times New Roman and 12 object font.  Include a Works Cited individuality at the end of the essay inventorying the film and any references you may enjoy used to transcribe your tract.