Use the following data

Use the following data
a) Profit after tax 45,000
b) Depreciation 75,000
c) Tax Paid 25,000
d) Interest paid 5,000
e) Dividend paid 10,000
f) Cash Received from sale of Building 40,000
g) Sale of Preferrence Share 35,000
h) Repurchase of Ordinary Shares 30,000
i) Purchase of Machinery 20,000
j) Issuance of Bond 50,000
k) Debt Retired through issuance of ordinary shares 45,000
l) Paid off long term bank borrowings 15,000
l) Profit on sale of building 20,000
1. Calculate Cash Flow from operating activities
2. Calculate Cash Flow from Investing activities
3. Calculate Cash Flow from financing activities
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