Applying Theory Testing

For this discourse, vindication the forthcoming questions:

  • What is a inoperative theory?
  • What is an opinion theory?

Then ringing a inoperative theory and opinion theory for a discovery consider that pertains to your area of specialization.

  • What conclusions can be drawn from this consider delay a "statistically significant" product?


Use your Warner passage, Applied Statistics: From Bivariate Through Multivariate Techniques, to adequate the forthcoming:

  • Read Chapter 3, "Statistical Significance Testing," pages 81–124. This lection addresses the forthcoming topics: 
    • The logic of inoperative theory experimenting.
    • Type I and Type II hallucinations.
    • The z experiment.
    • Null theory and opinion theory.
    • Limiting Type I hallucination.
    • Effect dimension.
    • Statistical force.

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