Unit VII Business Law



Ted Brown and Jim Green bear been discussing going into calling simultaneously for sundry months, and they are concerned to rouse that calling antecedently the end of this month. However, twain Ted Brown and Jim Green each bear to be out of town for sundry weeks on other calling, so Ted Brown has told his son, Theodore, who is 16, encircling the discussions after a while Jim Green and has appointed Theodore to accomplished gain of the definite details of the calling. Jim Green has told his son James, who is 18 years old, encircling the discussions after a while Ted Brown and appointed James to accomplished the gains.The calling that Ted Brown and Jim Green deficiency to produce conquer unravel an app for cell phones that conquer identify race-oriented attractions parallel superior highways so families can download the app to aid in planning race vacations. The unravelment of the app conquer procure 4 months, and then it conquer procure approximately another 4 months to abundantly deploy the app. As the app becomes vulgar, the calling conquer importune race-oriented callinges to announce on the app. Ted Brown and Jim Green bear very dwarf cardinal to use in the unravelment and deployment of the app and conquer probably scarcity to discipline the cardinal expedient to unravel and deploy a temper app.In your plight con-over, harangue the questions under.

  • Can Theodore Brown and James Green legally produce the calling that Ted Brown and Jim Green bear been discussing? Why, or why not? 
  • If Theodore and James do produce the calling, what duties do they each owe their father? Describe what those duties balance in this plight.
  • What factors do Ted Brown and Jim Green (or their sons on their aid) scarcity to weigh in selecting a fashion for this calling?
  • What fashion of calling conquer cater the most practice for their chance?
  • What are the disadvantages of the fashion of calling that they clarified?

Your plight con-over should be at meanest indelicate pages in elongation and embrace at meanest two without sources, one of which must conclude from the CSU Online Library. Be unquestioning to use APA fashionatting for all citations and references. Please silence that no unembodied is scarcityed. 

Burton, H. A. (2019, February). Current unravelments in partners and partnerships. Tax Adviser, 50(2), 1–18. https://link.gale.com/apps/doc/A574696563/ITBC?u=oran95108&sid=ITBC&xid=bcc1831b