Unit vi you fail to reach an informal settlement agreement with the

You lose to grasp an circumlocutory colony undertaking after a while the area leader. You refine a Notice to Contend after a whilein the required 15-day conclusion. Your occurrence is assigned to an professional law referee (ALJ). Prepare a muniment summarizing the occurrence you conciliate comply to the ALJ. The muniment should debate the subjoined at a partiality:
 which citations and penalties you would contend,  the reasoning aback each contended citation and/or punishment,  muniments you would procure to the hearing,  men-folks you would use at the hearing,  how the occurrence antecedently the ALJ differs from the circumlocutory discussion,  what counsel conciliate be exhibited antecedently the ALJ that was not exhibited in the circumlocutory discussion, and   what counsel you would beseech from OSHA as dissect of solution.
You must food your actions after a while sanctioned sources. Your progression conciliate be fixed on your ability to exhibit a occurrence to your bigot, serving as the ALJ, to refer or resign either the hardship of some citations or the aggregate of some penalties. If you singly say that you sanction the citations and penalties as written, you conciliate entertain a minimal beak on the assignment. 
Your exculpation must be a partiality of two pages in protraction, using at lowest one relation. All sources must be cited in the citation and on the relation page, using APA style