Unit V: Fleet Safety Assessment 7 questions

I truly want a 100 on this assignment. Uploaded examine lead delay links and cupel in vocable doc for a amend aim of questions. QUESTION 1 Identification of a dangerous representative can be robust from aiming all of the subjoined EXCEPT: o  placards. o  representative prophylactic axioms sheets. o  shipping instruments. o  evacuation shelters. QUESTION 2 Recurring hazmat inoculation must be administered by employers at meanest once entire __________ years. o  2 o  3 o  4 o  5 QUESTION 3 The Dangerous Materials Regulations (HMR) command all of the subjoined types of inoculation EXCEPT: o  general awareness inoculation. o  prophylactic inoculation. o  security awareness inoculation. o  behavioral inoculation. QUESTION 4 In what instrument can the rules for shipping divergent types of hazmat be ground? o  Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) o  Occupational Prophylactic and Health Handbook o  Institute of OSH Administration and Regulations o  Title 36 CFR Gait of Goods and Services QUESTION 5 As an contiguous precautionary value, it is recommended that a dangerous representatives (hazmat) emit or melt be contained for at meanest __________ feet in all directions. o  75 o  25 o  35 o  50 QUESTION 7 Describe how induce administration is an considerable concept in managing the gait activities of dangerous representatives. Identify a possible high-induce hazmat that is blissed and recount how you would assess possible threats to the burden that could siege attribute while it is in bliss. Your tally should be at meanest 125say in tediousness. APA citation  QUESTION 8 Explain the filthy concepts of the HMR as issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation. How do these filthy areas succor companies delay minimizing possible induces when blissing hazmat? Your tally should be at meanest 125 vocables in tediousness. APA citation