Unit V Case Study

Unit V Case Study


After balbutiation the Minicase entitled “Integrating Teams at Hernandez & Associates” on pages 436-437 of the textbook,

write a incompleteness two-page confutation that addresses the following:

 Similar to manifold leaders, Marco has a team in settle and does not enjoy the voluptuousness of architecture a new team to adapt

to the changing transaction environment his resolute now faces. Use the Team Leadership Model (TLM) to aid Marco

diagnose the problems faced by the resolute and demonstrate leverage points for exchange.

o Consider the greater functions of the TLM—input, process, and output. Where do most of the resolute’s challenges


o What are the team’s goals for outputs?

 Demonstrate immanent instrument for Marco and his team in implementing a manoeuvre to exexexchange the way they do

transaction at Hernandez & Associates.

Be strong to economize APA diction writing and conceive in-text and allusion citations from the textbook to livelihood your

assertions. Other versed sources can be used if needed.