Unit 8 | Human Resource Management homework help

Select a fruit that you relish or a fruit you use. Design a sales presentation/hostilities that introduces an fancy for the fruit, or a meliorate way to further the fruit. This minority should be a stint of two pages and grasp the six suggestions presented on pages 348-352 in your textbook: Chaper13-14 robust.  Book epithet is adown.


1. How you accomplish catch your listener

2. Identify the customer’s key issues

3. Make the recommendation

4. Stress benefits, not features

5. Make the close

6. Respond to objections

Write a one-page pompous employment epistle (scantling on page 372) to your overseer explaining your hostilities.

Write a one-half page station memo (scantling on page 375) to your co-workers outlining the hostilities.

Include all three communication pieces in one instrument. Add a misrecord to your instrument, summing up what you entertain well-informed from this communication order. Make trusting to grasp any challenges you faced and/or surprises you encountered.

You may singly use your textbook as a riches for this definite assignment.

This definite plan should be a stint of filthy pages (not including secrete and allusion page).

The textbook must be allusiond; paraphrased and quoted representative must entertain accompanying citations using APA name.


Book Title


Beebe, S. A., & Mottet, T. P. (2013). Business and authoritative communication: Principles and skills for leadership (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.