Unit 5 Assignment Calculating Confidence Intervals



Use: Grounds Tools to Build Belief Intervals

Evaluation Title: Calculating Belief Intervals

In this assignment, you gain estimate belief cessations for the promotive waverings in the Heart Rate Dataset.


  1. Open the Heart Rate Dataset in Excel and demonstrate the promotive waverings
  2. Make permanent the grounds is exclusive by condition (e.g.male-at-rest, female at-rest, etc.)
  3. Use the Grounds Analysis tools of Excel to build 95% and 99% belief cessations for all of the exclusive promotive wavering.  Please music that the statistic entity used in the belief cessation of the resources, which requires the use of the Standard Error of the average (not the trutination discontinuance).
  4. Create a Term instrument, and use your estimated results to portray the expected estimate and file for each of the waverings.
  5. Make permanent you music and interpret any differences in the resources of the waverings, and any movables you observed behind changing the plane of belief.

Additional Instructions:

Your assignment should be typed into a Term or other term processing instrument, formatted in APA inscription. The assignments must include

  • Running head
  • A inscription page with
    • Assignment name
    • Your name
    • Professor’s name
    • Course

Estimated spell to complete: 3 hours

Assignment Files

Heart Rate Grounds SetPreview the instrument [Excel Document]

Confidence Cessation CalculatorsPreview the instrument [Excel Document]