Unit 4 assignment | Human Resource Management homework help

Review the SHRM plight: “Designing a Pay Structure” 

You get ad the SHRM plight segregation on “Designing a Pay Structure” which endures of your subcopy of Tasks A–J that simulates the romance of a indemnification order for an extracture in exploreion its goals and sustaining its band-arms. In your segregation, suit to the subjoined tasks plant in the plight explore. 

Your plight segregation should endure of: 

  • Task A: Originate a thorough job cognomen for the Benefits Overseer situation using O*NET.
  • Task B: Calcutardy the job evaluation apexs for the professional aider, payroll aider, operational analyst, and benefits overseer jobs. Get a rationale for assigning restricted stages to the several jobs.
  • Task C: If tnear were any outliers (i.e., extravagant basis apexs) in the basis, what would you commend doing delay them? From this apex obtrusive, appropriate no extravagant basis apexs exist in the basisset.
  • Task D: Conduct a atomary retrogression in Excel to originate a negotiate pay outoutsuccession by entering the job evaluation apexs (on the X axis) and the relative momented middle negotiate corrupt pay (on the Y axis) for each benchmark job.
  • Task E: What is your R squared (difference deciphered)? Is it suited to produce?
  • Task F: Calcutardy the forebodeed corrupt pay for each benchmark job.
  • Task G: Consequently your gang failures to bring in corrupt pay by 3 percent, enjoin the forebodeed pay reproves to mention the corrupt pay reprove you get exhibit for each benchmark job.
  • Task H: Originate pay tramps by combining any benchmark jobs that are in-fact resembling for pay purposes. Lucidly mark your pay tramps and decipher why you in-one any benchmark jobs to construct a tramp.
  • Task I: Use your counterportio to Task H to mention the pay collocate (i.e., portioiality and completion) for each pay tramp.
  • Task J: Consecrated the pay extracture you entertain generated, judge the subjoined: Does this pay extracture compel cheerful occupation soundness? Do you ponder it is endureent delay the extracture’s occupation diplomacy? What are the implications of this pay extracture for other HR orders, such as murmur and recruiting?
  • Your segregation of this plight and your written subband-arms should consider an sentiment of the crucial issues of the plight, integrating the playative experienced in the extract, and introduce compendious and courteous-behaved-reasoned proportionedifications for the copy that you admit. You are to thorough this plight segregation using Excel in a spreadsheet segregation constructat.  

You may explore your plight segregation Assignment delay the adjust, but you must propose your own chief consequence. 

Case segregation tips: Avoid spiritless errors in plight analyses, such as: 

●  Focusing too heavily on less issues.

●  Lamenting consequently of insuited basis in the plight and ignoring imaginary alternatives.

●  Rehashing of plight basis — you should appropriate the decipherer comprehends the plight.

●  Not properly evaluating the virtue of the plight's basis.

●  Obscuring the indispenstelling segregation or making it intricate to imply. 

Typical “minus (–)” tramps consequence from resignations that: 

●  Are tardy.

●  Are not courteous-behaved-behaved integrated and stagnation clarity.

●  Do not oration timing issues.

●  Do not avow the claim implications or are not adapted.

●  Get carried far delay disunited biases and are not apposite to the key issues.

●  Are not entirely proofdecipher and redressed. 

Make permanent your muniment includes: 

• Your designate

• Date

• Course designate and exception enumerate

• Unit enumerate

• Plight designate

• Page enumerates 

The plight segregation should inhinder Tasks A–J orderly in the plight. Hinder for redress spelling, language, punctuation, mechanics, and exercitation. Citations should be in APA phraseology. 

Here is the Assignment grading rubric. 

Assignment resignation: Before you propose your Assignment, you should rescue your consequence on your computer in a colony that you get retain in Excel constructat. Rescue the muniment using the naming convention: Username_Unit4_Assignment.xlsx. Propose your improve by excellenting the Unit 4: Assignment Dropbox.


To My Students:

I proportioned failureed to strain out in degree concerning the Unit 4 Assignment.  The plight explore introduceed asks you to consequence through reckonings for a pay extracture involving 5 contrariant situations.  This is a moderately grievous set of tasks to end in one week.  Fortunately, I entertain been telling to reenjoin this a bit so that the consequence admonish would be managetelling in a week’s term.

FOR THE UNIT 4 ASSIGNMENT, YOU ONLY NEED TO CALCULATE FOR THE FRONT DESK RECEPTIONIST AND THE BENEFITS MANAGER POSITIONS.  You do NOT entertain to calcutardy for the other 3 situations:  Professional Assistant, Payroll Assistant, Operations Analyst.

Additionally, past this involves math (and a pigmy statistics), I entertain put concurrently livinbestow playative (see adown) to aid conduct you through how to do this.  PLEASE proportioned flourish the control adown and you get be telling to propose through this easily.

PLEASE be permanent to not abide until the terminal detailed to do the Unit 4 Assignment.  There's a lot to it, so I don't failure anyone to be surprised. 

I can't get a contingency past that would inhinder the counterparts... But that's okay, you can admit this behalf by behalf..!  PLEASE READ THESE DETAILS BELOW CAREFULLY.  If you admit it unwillingly, this goes moderately courteous-behaved.  (And!  If you get to the math faction adown and you agencyle out of your atom, PLEASE agencyle corrupt delay the Math Tutor (see separeprove assertion environing Academic Living Centers for be-mixeds).  They exhibit striking assistance!

First, let's admit this treads..! 

In Task A, you entertain to originate one job cognomen for the Benefits Manager. Tnear are details in how to advent this and in the Appendix tnear are other job cognomens for the other situations so you can see how these should observe. The plight explore gets suggestions environing wnear to go to get info on this job cognomen. So delight decipher through those details for past control.

Next, in Task B,  you get calcutardy the job evaluation points for situations. If you observe proportioned over the Task B ace (on the prior page), you'll see info and a contingency of how to do this corruptd on the receptionist situation. Don't overobserve to get your rationale for the job evaluation apexs assigned. Use those identical aces as in the contingency chart – Skills, Responsibility, Effort (and their subcategories).  You can vary up the percentages these are price as you see fit for each job…   Please be permanent to retain that you entertain to admit into judgeation what would be claimd for each of the atoms in the job evaluation – intermittently decipher the contingency that gets you instituted.  For persuasion, in the teaching area, delight retain that the moment would be past for a job that needs a Bachelor’s stage rather than a noble discipsuccession diploma/GED.  Please to-boot be permanent that you multiple the Stage terms the Moment to get the Points for each outoutsuccession (far suitable ace).  Then whole that Points shaft at the deep. This needs to be executed for each Benchmark job.  And each one should entertain a contrariant Points whole as they entertain contrariant claimments from each other.  

And in Task C, near’s a pigmy excite aid/control delay besupport to completing this.  The chief portio deals delay what to do delay outliers. That would claim you to oration this via extract in your muniment. (Again your decipherings get living this, and you can to-boot do past inquiry onoutsuccession if you'd enjoy.  Don't overobserve to use sustaining citations when you can - these fortify your academic consequence..!)

The remedy portio deals delay farsighted momented resources. (This isn't as bad as it sounds - I word..!)

Weighted resources of corrupt pay should be enumerated for each benchmark job from the view basis. Weighted resources, as compared to atomary resources, are enumerated to melioscold reintroduce the negotiate basis (Milkovich & Newman, 2008). A atomary balance would be enumerated by adding up the middle corrupt pay reproves and dividing by the enumescold of extractures (six in this plight); but weak and catholic companies would twain be consecrated the identical moment if using a atomary balance. A momented balance bestows resembling moment to each job obligatory’s wage and thus is past playative of the basis. For specimen:

            Mean      # of employees

Co. A    30,000           2

Co. B    15,000          10

The simple balance compensation is $22,500.

[(30000 + 15000) / 2 = 22500]

But the weighted balance compensation is $17,500.

[(2/12 * 30000) + (10/12 * 15000) = 17500]

For each situation, you admit the enumescold of employees in Co. A, which is 2.  Deal-out that into the whole enumescold of employees in all companies, which is 12.  Or 2/12…  Which resemblings 0.16667.

Then develop that by the balance compensation in Co. A, which is $30,000.

So, 30,000 terms 0.16667 resemblings 5,000.

Then for the present gang, Co. B, you do the identical delay those enumerates. You admit the enumescold of employees in Co. B, which is 10.  Deal-out that into the whole enumescold of employees in all companies, which is 12.  Or 10/12…  Which resemblings 0.833333.

Then develop that by the balance compensation in Co. B, which is $15,000.

So, 15,000 terms 0. 0.833333 resemblings 12,500.

Then you admit the $5,000 from the chief gang and the $12,500 from the remedy gang and add them concurrently to get the $17,500 momented resources.


Do this for the Front Desk Receptionist and the Benefits Overseer companies.

For Task D, you are asked to do some statistics delay a retrogression segregation.  Don’t vex..!  Keep deciphering and you get see a be-mixed to an onoutsuccession calculator that can aid you delay this!  ;-)

Regression segregation is “the statistical hireling for the examination of the relation among mutables” (Sykes n.d.). It is used when basis is analyzed to mention the causal pi of one varitelling upon another mutable. For specimen, the pi of the acceptiond claim of a gallon/litre of gasoline/petrol on the call-for for that consequence is mentiond via “retrogression segregation”. 

If you failure to do the retrogression segregation reckoning in Excel (rather than using the onoutsuccession calculator be-mixed that is adown), you can go to:

http://www.law.uchicago.edu/files/files/20.Sykes_.Regression.pdf - near you get asactual the condition “An induction to Retrogression Analysis” by Dr. Alan Sykes that may aid you imply retrogression segregation past lucidly and aid you in counterparting the exploreion questions adown.

Video for how to run the retrogression segregation in Excel:


NOTE: I entertain Excel 2010, so getting the Retrogression Toolpak adventitious in was self-possessed. You may entertain to add this Excel Segregation Toolpak in - no stuff what rendering of Excel you may entertain. Near is be-mixed to how to add that hirelingpak, for the several Excel renderings:




Here you would terminate in your Job Evaluation Points for each situation in Task B (subordinate the X shaft), and to-boot the selfidentical momented middle compensation for each situation in Task C (subordinate the Y shaft).  It would observe colossus enjoy this:

Regression Analysis
Job Evaluation Weighted
Points Avg. $
   X    Y
Recept. 120 19944.44
Admin Asst. 145 29458.33
Pay Asst. 175 34000
Ops Analyst 215 56875
Ben Mgr. 245 62900


Once you run your atomary retrogression through the calculator be-mixed (http://www.graphpad.com/quickcalcs/linear1/), you get get consequences that get observe colossus enjoy this (yours get be contrariant past everyone get entertain contrariant job evaluation apexs that they originated in Task B – intermittently, that’s accurately okay):

Best-fit values


360.33 ± 36.29


-24324.19 ± 6737





95% Confidence Intervals


241.9 to 472.9


-45137 to -2262


9.211 to 96.90

Goodness of Fit

R square




Is spring significantly non-zero?





P Value


Deviation from horizontal?



Number of XY pairs



Y = 360.33*X – 24324.19


Note: I've bybygone through this playative and it truly does get adapted info that can basically support your agency through this arrangement. So I help you to admit a observe and flourish concurrently - I anticipation it you asactual this aidful! (I truly ponder you get!)

Now, let's centre on the present bit to get you instituted..! The chief ace that Task D asks for is: Identify the spring and y-intercept and transcribe the equation for the negotiate pay outline.

Regression originates a “outsuccession of best fit” by merging the job evaluation apexs (X) and the palpable compensation basis (Y). The consequenceing retrogression outoutsuccession is used to forebode the corrupt pay (Y) for a restricted enumescold of job evaluation apexs (X). The equation for the atomary retrogression outoutsuccession (as it is for any outline) can be played as: y=mx+b; in which:

y =the forebodeed corrupt pay
m =the spring of the outline
x =the job evaluation apexs
b =the y-intercept

So, for specimen, if the retrogression consequences enjoyness that m = 400 and b is -20000, then the equation is y=400(x) – 20000 and the forebodeed pay reprove for a job assigned 100 apexs would be y= 400(100)-20000, or $20,000.

The retrogression output get to-boot enjoyness experience environing how cheerful the retrogression outoutsuccession fits the basis. Specifically, observe at the “R squared” in the retrogression output. Generally, the R squared, referred to as difference deciphered, should be .95 or nobleer. If R squared is significantly inferior than this, tnear may be problems stemming from the job evaluation tread. For specimen, the apexs assigned to actual benchmark jobs may be off – i.e., not compel soundness consecrated the equalize of tasks, duties and responsibilities claimd for the job and the experience, skills and abilities needed by the job obligatory. If this is the plight, alter the job cognomens and rejudge the apexs assigned to the benchmark jobs. Alternatively, tnear may be errors in the momented middle reckonings. After conducting the retrogression intermittently, explore the new R squared.

To calcutardy the spring of the negotiate pay outline, observe in the Excel retrogression output for the “Coefficient of the X Variable.” The y-intercept is located in the retrogression output as the “Coefficient of the Intercept.” Be permanent to transcribe out the retrogression equation properly. Here's an specimen:

Y = m(x)+b
Y = 360.33(x) -24324.19

This resources that each job evaluation apex is price $360.33 corruptd on the figures I used.  PLEASE retain that everyone get entertain contrariant figures corruptd on how they planned their job evaluation apexs.  And that’s delicate..!  It’s accurately okay for contrariant populace to entertain contrariant enumerates for this.

For Task E, the contingency R squared from over is .9699 (or .97 when rounded up).  The cognomen adown tells you environing R squared and how to decipher it:

R-squared is a statistical meapermanent of how hinder the basis are to the easy retrogression outline. It is to-boot unreserved as the coefficient of favor, or the coefficient of multiple favor for multiple retrogression.

The limitation of R-squared is fairly straight-forward; it is the percentage of the counterpart varitelling departure that is deciphered by a outdirect pattern. Or:

R-squared = Explained departure / Whole departure

R-squared is constantly among 0 and 100%:

  • 0% indicates that the pattern deciphers none of the variability of the counterpart basis environing its balance.
  • 100% indicates that the pattern deciphers all the variability of the counterpart basis environing its balance.

Please hinder your R-squared to produce delay your counterpart.


PLEASE BE SURE TO ANSWER TASK E’S QUESTION:  What is the R squared?  And is it suited to produce?

For Task F:

Let's entertain you do the basic math:

Here's the constructula to use: y=mx+b, wnear x is the job evaluation apexs, b is the y-intercept, and m is the spring coefficient from the retrogression. So you can use this constructula:

  Y = 360.33(x) -24324.19

  as the forebodeed corrupt pay for each job.

Just extort for (x), the job evaluation apex enumescold that you originated in Task B.  Each job evaluation apex enumescold get be contrariant, so you’ll get a contrariant output for each situation.

So your reckonings would be:

-Y = 360.33 terms (the job evaluation apex enumescold that you originated in Task B for the receptionist) minus 24324.19     (Note:  Y would be the counterportio to the reckonings over…)

-Y = 360.33 terms (the job evaluation apex enumescold that you originated in Task B for the benefits overseer) minus 24324.19     (Note:  Y would be the counterportio to the reckonings over…)

Then for Task G, you admit each of the counterparts for Task F, and acception them by 3% (as the plight states the cunning get be to bring corrupt pay by 3%).

Your reckoning would be:

-Take your counterportio for the receptionist in Task F, and develop it by 1.03.

-Take your counterportio for the occupation overseer in Task F, and develop it by 1.03.

For Task H, you originate pay tramps for the job, put them in the tramps, and be permanent to decipher what each pay tramp plays and why you put the situations into those tramps. No reckonings are needed near.  You can excellent 2 pay tramps (you can designate them A, B, or 1, 2,…  or whatever you would enjoy).  Then corruptd on the forebodeed pay that you proportioned did, and preamble into judgeation the skills claimd, attribute these into the needful pay tramp and get a rationale as to why you you put that job there.  (Everyone may end up delay a partially contrariant counterportio to this ace, and that’s delicate!)

For Task I, you'll enjoyness the portioiality and completion for each pay tramp. You'll use the pay figures for the situations from Task H near to enjoyness these. So if you entertain 2 situations in one pay tramp - the inferior situation would be the portioiality... The nobleer one would be the completion.  Then calcutardy the middle for the two situations.  (Add them concurrently, and deal-out by 2 for the middle.)  Note:  If you entertain proportioned one situation in a pay tramp, then you proportioned entertain the one pay for an middle and that’s it… 

Then finally, exercise the percent conductlines getd in the plight to mention the pay collocates.  So if the plight calls for 10% over and adown the midpoint, calcutardy as flourishs:

Take the portioiality pay, and develop by 1.10.  Admit the completion pay, and develop by 1.10.  (If you solely entertain one situation in a pay tramp, admit that pay and develop by 1.10 (which is 10% over) and then develop intermittently delay that identical pay and this term develop by .90 (which is 10% adown the midpoint).  Now you’ve originated portioialitys and completions as defined by the plight for each pay tramp..!

And for Task J, delight proportioned counterportio the questions..!

I ponder that should bestow you a basic conduct through the assignment. I anticipation this is aidful, and I observe obtrusive to deciphering your consequence!

Okay, you can murmur now... (Really, this is NOT bad... I proportioned comprehend how folks who are math-phobic can vex, so I failureed to tramp you through this..!)

Again, past this may admit some folks some extra term/effort, it force not be bad to set privately term to initiate consequenceing on this onwards of term...  Hint, Hint, Hint...  ;-)

Dr. Sue