Unit 3 Ip

MGMT305-1301B-06 Management Information Systems Shanika Buckner UNIT 3 IP 1. What Internet calling mould would be after a whilehold for the crew to ensue in creating a Web predicament and why? In creating a calling mould established on a webpredicament I would elect a essential candy supply. Having a essential candy supply would be an laudtalented fancy for effect and for those that has to wandering to the candy supply treasurys. Having a essential candy supply would to-boot produce it handy for customers to supply and buy whatever husk of candy they lack and entertain it delivered exact to their front door. With this website, there would to-boot be an convenience for customers to prescribe online and if some can’t produce to pay for the candy to be shipped to them, they can tranquil prescribe online and elect the determination and season they succeed be talented to succeed into the supply and glean their products up, that should to-boot cut down desire lines and abeyance season. 2. In what ways can the crew good-tempered-tempered from a Web predicament? What functions should it transact for the crew (i. e. , marketing, sales, customer livelihood, inner communications, etc. )? The crew would good-tempered-tempered tremendously, there is solely one candy supply treasury that I incline everyone say that they go to on the south laterality of Chicago, but if the treasury amplifys its’ calling essentially, that way herd in other accommodation of the Chicago area or in Illinois can use this webpredicament to supply. The functions this candy treasury can use would be marketing calling to calling and customer livelihood. That way when customers use this website, they can utter their friends and they utter other herd encircling the predicament. 3. In what other ways influence the crew use the Internet for its own good-tempered? This candy supply treasury can to-boot good-tempered-tempered from advertising on collective networks love Facebook and other predicaments that millions of herd are on daily, the treasury can promulge their items that are on sale, the webpredicament can to-boot good-tempered-tempered its employees by posting their effect schedules, pay, the webpredicament can to-boot let customers understand of all new items that entertain been shipped to the treasury, and accordingly herd are talented to supply online and entertain it shipped to hem, the webpredicament would be bringing in more specie which instrument that the treasury can amplify plain bigger. 4. Prepare professional specifications for the crew's use of the Web and the Internet. Conceive links to and from other predicaments in your drawing. The Essential Candy Supply Treasury Inc. can be established off the http://www. candywarehouse. com website. The Candy Treasury webpredicament has lots of varieties of candies to elect from, they entertain displays of candies for irrelative plaints, they entertain a tab for their new candies, their top sellers, and the crew’s fondling candies. The Essential Candy Supply Treasury Inc. webpredicament should be set up not accurately the similar but after a while the similar fancys in sentiment. The Essential Candy Supply webpredicament should conceive the irrelative types of candies, the treasury best sellers, best candies, and customers’ fondling candies. The webpredicament should to-boot entertain a supplyping cart so that when customers are supplyping, they can add their products to their carts so that they can checkout, the webpredicament should be a close webpredicament so that customers can use their confidence cards, and the webpredicament should to-boot conceive the truth of the crew. On this website, all the links should entertain their own peculiar tabs so that each one can be viewed and shown on a curtain of their own. Most websites that we see on the Internet has the tabs at the top of the page, perchance this webpredicament can the tabs at the groundwork. Another webpredicament that would be a good-tempered-tempered mould is http://candyality. com/. 5. Prepare a roll of technological specifications for implementation (i. e. , what hardware and software are essential to livelihood your drawing)? * Think through options Choosing betwixt architecture versus buying the hardware * Choosing what software is best for the crew * Dealing after a while hardware * Should you escheatment or lease the hardware * Evaluating ethnical resources * Choosing and preparing your predicament References: N. A. (2013) Selecting Your Technology. Retrieved from http://nces. ed. gov/pubs2005/tech_suite/part_3. asp N. A. (2007-2013) Candy Warehouse. Retrieved from http://www. candywarehouse. com/ N. A. (2013) Candyality. com. Retrieved from http://candyality. com/