Unit 3 Assignment: Compare and Contrast (Religions)

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Compare and Contrast

At the end of ace 3, use the strong Comparison Chart to mitigate a board that compares and contrasts the foundational concepts and declaration of:

  1. Hinduism 
  2. Judaism 
  3. Christianity 
  4. Islam 
  5. Atheism 
  6. Buddhism 

Include in the comparison:

  1. the harmony to God(s)
  2. harmony to persons 
  3. earliest scriptures 
  4. earliest rules of conduct
  5. at last 4 earliest beliefs 

Using the separation that you did for the comparison board, elucidate what you apprehend environing each of the unanalogous categories of incorporeal.

  • How does the multiformity of holy beliefs blessing all society on the planet?
  • How do persons use the multiformity of holy beliefs to motive conflicts among groups of persons?
  • Why do you apprehend that so divers persons repudiate the similarities among the unanalogous incorporeal and merely nucleus on the ways that they are disconnected?

Please be infallible to validate your opinions and ideas delay citations and references in APA format.