Unit 1 Safety Management assessment

   QUESTION 1 Communications can be classified via filthy methods. Which of the subjoined is NOT one of these methods?    Listening   Verbal   Nonverbal   Written   QUESTION 2 Continuous Improvement is a process of the protection skill order that emphasizes the contributions vulgar produce to __________ and enduring solutions to problems.    short-range   medium-range   long-range   External QUESTION 3 __________ is any proviso in the productionplace that, by itself or by interacting delay other variables, could suit termination, injuries, attribute hurt, or other losses.    A   hazard   An   accident   An   oversight   A   miscalculation   QUESTION 4 What make of message is best to use in the seniority of situations that achieve inaugurate on the job?    Filter   free interaction   One-on-one,   positive reinforcement   Oral,   then written, followed by feedback   One-on-one   and face-to-face QUESTION 5 In the discourse on "Communication Filters," the creator of your textbook lists three of the most dishonorable filters. Which of the subjoined is NOT one of these filters?    Knowledge   Bias   Mood   Feedback QUESTION 6 A __________ environment does not endure.    healthy   clean   zero-risk   noisy   QUESTION 7 Which of the subjoined are NOT comprised in the obscure costs of accidents?    Lost   time by supervision   Medical   and expiation security costs   Costs   of violation in a new productioner   Damages   to tools and equipment QUESTION 8 Safety and bloom efforts should be __________, budgeted, measured, and evaluated.    fixed   complex   planned   motivation   QUESTION 9 Which of the subjoined is NOT one of the nine elements of a protection skill order?    Management   leadership and commitment   Analyzing   the production and the productionplace periodically   Hazard   recognition, evaluation, and control   Training   and orientation QUESTION 10 Most protection experts coincide that most mishaps in the productionplace envelop anthropological errors of __________ or trust.    planning   omission   involvement   Attitude QUESTION 11 Safety costs money, and numerous overseers remains to endow their money on bigwig that produces no income. How would you go encircling convincing your overseer he or she is evil-doing? Give an illustration of your trial. (Minimum of 200 language)