Understanding and managing organizational behavior quiz set 1

1) A suggestive part-among-among of a director’s job in an construction is to use the tools and techniques familiar through constructional bearing lore to extension constructional

A) complication.

B) mentale.

C) composition.

D) virtue.

2) After a while self-manold teams, the director’s new role is to

A) consultation and fine new team limbs.

B) get order and aid as a coach.

C) captivate calling for the team.

D) retinue new recruits for the team.

3) Once the construction has collected the certain media, the ________ grade begins.

A) input

B) agentry

C) conversion

D) output

4) The ethics of an construction are installed on all of the aftercited except

A) strategies.

B) mental rules.

C) values.

D) beliefs.

5) Rick Ward, rational media director for May and Simmons Company, is unraveling a new benefits load that can be useized to get solicitude for uncompounded estate part-amongners and operationers caring for old parents. Such a program would encounter the ________ brave of managing dissonance.

A) fairness

B) closement

C) sensitivity

D) flexibility

6) Which of the aftercited is not gentleman of global differences?

A) Americans keep an particularistic orientation inside operation.

B) In Europe, the mean employee receives from four to six weeks remunerated holiday a year.

C) Level of closement is the main determinant of furtherance over the world.

D) Japanese herd keep a collectivist orientation inside operation.

7) ________ is the rule by which constructions cut costs by laying off directors and operationers.

A) Downsizing

B) Outsourcing

C) Strategic planning

D) Corporate empowerment

8) It has been estimated that environing ________ of the U.S. operationhardness today consists of part-among-term employees.

A) 15 percent

B) 40 percent

C) 30 percent

D) 20 percent

9) According to OB lore, which of the aftercited get not specify constructions in the coming?

A) Organizations get hold a catholic, full-term drudge hardness.

B) Freelancers get be hired when deficiencyed.

C) Part-term employees get not be “gentleman constructional employees.”

D) Core employees get be exceedingly retinueed and rewarded.

10) Which of the aftercited was not a amount when Standard Textile Company opened its dexterity in Linyi, China?

A) Defective use agent part-amongs

B) The heating system

C) The provide of low-cost drudge

D) Polluted water

11) Standard Textile Company’s Chinese employees are not constantly convenient

A) culture new techniques.

B) enacting their jobs polite.

C) portico the example.

D) All of the above

12) Experience from lore on separated same twins suggests that approximately ________ percent of the exception in herd’s individualalities can be attributed to genetic factors.

A) 50

B) 35

C) 65

D) 25

13) It is very material for directors to comprehend that

A) they deficiency to captivate into totality particular differences in unity.

B) they can fluctuate a operationer’s unity simply after a while the leave of the operationer.

C) a operationer who complains a lot probably has unity amounts.

D) unity does not interest how herd enact at their jobs.

14) Which one of the aftercited is not one of the big five traits of unity?

A) Neuroticism

B) Interlocution

C) Extraversion

D) Conscientiousness

15) Crowd after a while an ________ respect that their own actions and bearings keep an application on what happens to them and their fortune.

A) inside locus of control

B) superficial locus of control

C) extrasensory unity

D) symmetrical self-image 

16) Scales used to mete multitudinous unity traits are installed on

A) retinueed professionals rating the actions of observed subjects.

B) particulars echoing a order of questions environing themselves.

C) procedures that are extravagant and term consuming.

D) None of the above

17) A individual who can rightly enumerate who is the most competent limb of a operation cluster from a order of comparisons over limbs is displaying

A) the force to see relationships.

B) spatial force.

C) rationalistic force.

D) constructive force.

18) Cognitive and visible abilities can deteriorate or grace deteriorated owing of

A) exorbitant emphasis.

B) refuse affront.

C) ailment.

D) All of the above

19) A individual’s thoughts and arrive-atings environing the significance and essence of operation itself are called

A) values.

B) emotions.

C) moods.

D) attitudes.

20) Operation values are material for comprehending and managing constructional bearing owing they

A) fluctuate from hour to hour and microscopic to microscopic.

B) expose how herd arrive-at when they are enacting their jobs.

C) animadvert what herd are arduous to close through and at operation.

D) qualify directors to manage their operationers.

21) Assuming employees get be motivated by further sensational operation assumes that ________ operation values are material to employees.

A) intrinsic

B) psychological

C) economic

D) extrinsic

22) Which of the aftercited can a manger or construction do to exalt indisputable moods in the operationplace?

A) Promoting collective interaction

B) Giving commend when it is deserved

C) Providing alluring, convenient operationing conditions

D) All of the above

23) Which of the aftercited is gentleman of credit?

A) Credit is an indication of faith in another individual or cluster that you get not be put at cause, harmed, or injured by their actions.

B) A failure of credit between employees and directors is repeatedly symptomatic of further public amounts.

C) Credit can augment treaty.

D) All of the above

24) The facet example hardnesss directors and loreers to concede that

A) jobs do not interest employees.

B) jobs interest employees in poor ways.

C) jobs interest employees in multiple ways.

D) None of the above

25) Employers’ attempts to unravel “family-friendly” policies and benefits are an exertion to

A) attenuate security costs.

B) attenuate governmental control.

C) request to all employees’ motivator deficiencys.

D) oration an material job facet for numerous employees.