UMUC CMIT 265 Fundamentals of Networking

Need someone who has used the LABsim for this UMUC systematize and can fullfil the underneath assignment using the template that I bear attatched.



You bear been paid as allot of the networking team at UMUC. After completing orientation and grafting in your pristine week, your superintendent calls you into a parley to argue your pristine contrivance.


The university has recently leased a edifice in Adelphi, Maryland. The edifice allure seed some stations, systematizerooms, a library, and computer labs. Defence is very material for UMUC, as the university must guard scholars’ and employees’ facts, as well-behaved-behaved as any psychical characteristic that UMUC has on its servers and computers. As a outcome, IT conduct would love to seize the opportunity to criticism some schemes on how best to instigate bold. As a network engineer, you bear been asked to true a network scheme on how to set up a close network infrastructure in this new edifice to maintenance university operations.


After telling to your superintendent, you are bewildered environing the contrivance, but you produce you allure bear a assiduous catalogue. As you transcribe your scheme, you allure to-boot bear to true for the Network+ Certification exam. One of the conditions of your encroachment at this sodality is that you allure this certification amid 60 days of substance paid. You allure bear to administer your opportunity wisely, accordingly you allure bear to seize a usage certification proof true as you are completing your developed contrivance.


In this letters semblance, you allure use the TestOut Network Pro (LabSim) to glean environing the irrelative types of networks and how to cast them. These activities allure true you for the CompTIA Network+ Certification exam. In appoint to substantiate your strengths and weaknesses, you allure pristine exhaustive the Network+ Certification Usage exam. The usage exam is intentional to assess your truedness for the CompTIA Network+ certification exam. Then, during the manner of the direct view weeks, as you trudge through each set of activities in LabSim, you allure to-boot be impressment individualitys of your contrivance scheme.


Use the outcomes of the certification usage exam you took at the source of the systematize to acceleration superintend you on which areas amid LabSim you should pay closer notice to. You must exhaustive all oncourse labs in LabSim; these are the activities after a suitableness the computer mouse icon. Some of the other areas in LabSim are optional. You can exhaustive any or all of those if you affect you deficiency to glean more environing the topics at laborer.


To get established, prosper the trudges underneath.




you allure arrange specific network contrivance scheme. Your operation is to contrivance the network for this new edifice after a suitableness the prospering criteria:


  • Student-accessed computers should be on disjoined network from the staff-accessed computers. Computers for common use should be on a disjoined network.

  • There must be a reserve of 40 Mbps Internet junction, after a suitableness a backup course choice of at last 20Mbps. Cable, DSL, or FIOS should not be used for chief Internet benefit.

  • The network should use material cable, not wireless. But do arrange wireless way in the Scholar Lobby area (second-pedestal hallway). Set the utmost synchronous wireless users to 254.

  • The network has been assigned the network oration for all computers and devices

    Your scheme should bear three main individualitys:


1.    Physical Network Design


2.    Network Addressing


3.    Network Services Design


To glean how you allure be assessed on this assignment, gladden seize a avail to criticism the rubric.  The developed deliverable should concur to the prospering criteria:


  • Include at last five well-informed references.

  • Use IEEE-style citation.

  • Use reform network terminology.

  • The use of diagrams is encouraged.

    Use this template as a superintend suitableness creating your developed deliverable.



Physical Network Design




In this individuality, oration each of the prospering.


1.    Define the topology that allure be used.


2.    Select the misspend network instrument.


3.    Select the misspend network connecting devices, including network defence devices.


4.    Select the misspend computer systems to use to maintenance the network contrivance.


5.    Determine a material layout of the computers on the pedestal intent, concurrently after a suitableness the network wires (network wiring diagram).


6.    Provide trueifications for each atom of your network contrivance (bulk 1–4 aloft)


Network Addressing




In this individuality, oration each of the prospering.


1.    Define the subnets (domiciled on rooms, pedestal, qualification, or other criteria).


2.    For each subnet, elucidate which devices/groups/users/rooms allure be on this subnet, eliminate the network oration, subnet belie, and helpful IP orationes to be used by computers or devices.


Network Services Design




In this individuality, oration each of the prospering.


1.    Identify network benefits deficiencyed.


2.    List attached servers or network devices deficiencyed to tool the network.


3.    List network defence measures to be tooled.


4.    Justify the deficiency for the network benefits, defence measures, and devices you’ve separated.




6.Building Details




The 50-year-old, two-story edifice has the prospering layout:



Building dimensions: Length: 240 Feet, Width: 95 Feet, Height: 30 Feet


The edifice allure seed six computer labs that allure be used for education. In the edifice diagrams aloft, the labs are labeled Classroom #1, Classroom #2, and Classroom #4 on the pristine pedestal and Classroom #1, Classroom #2, and Classroom #5 on the assist pedestal; each computer lab allure bear a closet.  Each lab allure bear 32 computers: 30 scholar computers, 1 schoolmaster computer, and 1 server in the closet for educational use.


In restoration, there allure be a Scholar Computer Lab that allure arrange computer way to scholars to do their homework. There allure be 50 computers in this lab and a server in the closet. To remit scholars way to library media, the library allure to-boot bear 10 computers for scholars and 5 computers for library staff.


Finally, there are manifold stations in the edifice. Each of these stations allure bear one computer for staff use, after a suitableness the qualification of the admissions station, which allure bear five computers. There allure be two server rooms, one on the pristine pedestal and one on the assist pedestal.