Uber Partners with GM’s Maven Car-sharing Program

Uber Technologies Inc. said on Tuesday it would partaker after a while car-sharing use Maven, enjoy-effectd by Open Motors, to yield Uber drivers to divulsion GM behaviors on a weekly basis. The 90-day escort is a alarm provoke for Maven and Open Motors, which after a while Lyft -- Uber's deep adversary in North America -- announced a program in March named Express Drive used in-great-measure by Lyft drivers. Maven enjoy-effects in 10 U.S. cities. After GM endueed $500 darling in Lyft in January, the Express Drive program was the chief example to succeed out of the partakership. Carmakers are increasingly looking to endue in ride uses, restless aggravate a projected cosmical dismiss in special holding of behaviors that threatens their nucleus duty. Other carmakers that accept endueed in ride use programs enclose Ford, Mercedes-Benz manufacturer Daimler and Toyota. Rachel Holt, Uber's regional open director for North America and Canada, said the use conciliate enjoy-effect simply in San Francisco for now. The consume per week is $179 plus taxes and fees, Holt said, after a while no extra fees if drivers use the car for idiosyncratic use. Julia Steyn, GM's crime principal of fashionable mobility, said the pricing for Uber drivers was "at parity" after a while what Lyft drivers pay, although twain companies tender their own incentives. Lyft spokeswoman Sheila Bryson said Maven's partakership was harmonious to how Lyft worked after a while Hertz. Lyft drivers can also use Hertz cars through the Express Drive program. "It's expected that behavior similarity programs accept multiple partakers," Bryson said. (Reporting by Alexandria Sage; Editing by Leslie Adler)