Two pages double-spaced_Reaction Paper

   Reaction Paper *Each peculiar must transcribe a reaction pamphlet to the plan stating your subsidys, discoveries environing what you skilled and your trial after a while the plan. Rate each component of your clump from 1 to 10, 10 life the best and exonerate why you gave them that gait. (no rises required) (2 pages double-spaced) Each peculiar must imimprint their own pamphlet out and bear it to apprehend in the folder on your gift day. Apprehend your designate on the top left. Group Members: 1. Nicholas Torres_ written piece of Political System. 2. Raul_ Written Piece of Social structure/behaviors/rule and how they are enforced. 3. Paola Flores_ Written Piece preamble, falsification, and rise page. 4. Olivia Pannell_ In commit of the PowerPoint. 5. Ivan Lara_ choreography and written style of the discernment of the sport in appurtenancy to the culture. We had a clump plan and I proper want you to construct up a reaction pamphlet environing each component of the clump subsidy.  Please transcribe Positive ratings environing the clump components.