Transition to the Nursing profession

RUA: Transitions Pamphlet  (Summuraize this name as an essay  2 bountiful pages not including designation page and allusion page)  (I upload  below the name and the tyro pamphlet to flourish as an sample)

The designation of the essay is "Safety"

"Does Nursing Home Compare Reflect Patient Safety In Nursing Homes? Name upload to transcribe about" 

APA format:

Only use this website or library to ascertain the name to stay the essay:

CINAHL delay Bountiful Text

ProQuest Nursing

Access Medicine

Cochrane Library



1) Include the flourishing sections. 

A. Introduction - 20 points/13% 

• Clearly establishes the scope of the pamphlet 

• Includes key points to be covered 

• Captures the reader’s interest 

B. Substantiality of Pamphlet - 60 points/40% 

• Complete, well-developed argument of key points 

• Supports the scope or ocean effect of the pamphlet 

• Close crop of effects delay evident and servile notice 

• Ideas and statements are stayed by three or over samples from indivisible and/or administrative experiences 

• Provides own perspectives on the subject that is insensible, insightful, and original 

C. Conclusion - 30 points/20% • Evident and concise 

• Summarizes key points discussed in the pamphlet 

• Leaves a influential percussion, notice, or effect on the reader 

D. Letter Style - 15 point/10% e. Improve use of type English expression, stipulation, and phrase structure 

F. No spelling or typographical errors 

G. Organized encircling required components 

H. Notice flows in a close conconsequence that is manageable for the reader to flourish 

I. APA Format, and References - 25 points/17% 

• There is a improve and misapply use of margins, spacing, font, and headers 

• Document setup includes designation and allusion pages in improve APA format NR103 Transition to the Nursing Profession Transitions Pamphlet Guidelines NR103_Transitions_Paper_Guidelines 2 

• Citation of causes interjacent in the substantiality of the pamphlet uses the improve APA format for trodden and introdden quotes 

• All elements of each allusion are interjacent in the improve order 

• All notice smitten from the cause, well-balanced if summarized, is cited and listed on the Allusion page 

• All causes used are nursing journals published delayin the conclusive five years For letter help (APA, formatting, or expression) mark the APA Citation and Letter page in the online library