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In prior modules, you labored on needs separation and grafting drawing to aid Fred Knott, the grafting consultant for BINZ, Inc. In this grafting purpose, you obtain revolve which grafting methods obtain be most powerful for the grafting compact you are drawinging for EITHER the sales OR customer benefit branch.


Based on your needs separation and drawing for grafting from your prior assignments, delineate how you would localize a minimum of 3 grafting methods as separate of your grafting intention for BINZ, Inc. Be unfailing to belong to your prior assignment on grafting drawing as you delineate your recommended grafting methods. You may eagerness to present a elaborate lecture intention, as delineated on p. 208 of your textbook.





Some questions/items to discourse in this assignment:


What methods would you use? How and when would you tool them? Be local in your description of activities using your methods.

Why would the methods you chose to use be powerful?

What immanent drawbacks do you see delay your intentionned methods?

Discuss the costs associated delay your methods. Roughly how plenteous currency and labor obtain be required (upfront and ongoing) to tool and adhere-to these grafting methods?