Topic and Research Question(s) Review

   Assignment: Topic and Learning Question(s) Review Respond to the questions below: Using 300 opinion. APA Style and regard. 1. In Reading Literacy examine.  Include how it relates to the specialization you are examineing for your MSED stage. Three learning questions that  you earn deem using as a account for an operation learning examine in your classroom or      educational setting. An description as to why your separated learning questions would be operative in powerful a viable learning scrutiny and how they mirror an progeny, collection, subject, or      dilemma jutting in your popular authoritative duration.  Provide a rationale for your  learning questions attractive delay the Litmus Test and grounds you bear self-possessed in your educational setting as prop. Helpful Reference Stringer, E. T. (2014). Operation learning (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.  · Chapter 8, “Reports: Informing Stakeholders” (pp. 217–218) · Chapter 9, “Action Learning and the Internet” (pp. 239–246) Efron, S. E., & Ravid, R. (2013). Operation learning in education: A trained direct. New York, NY: The Guilford Press.  · Chapter 2, “Choosing and Learning About Your Learning Topic” (pp. 13–38) · Chapter 3, “Approaches to Operation Research” (p. 48) game [Interactive resources]. Baltimore, MD: Author.  h httpm://  view attachment