To Thwart a delusion territory of caliphate in Southeast Asia: Radicalism into a new ideology

Title: To Thwart a error region of caliphate in Southeast Asia: Countering the transmutation of Radicalism into a new ideology 2 days, 4ooo utterance, times new roman 12, extract past from books 2014 up extract in Chicago diction 17-20 references Main discussion: 1.Opacity of ideology in the disincorporate of nationalism and godliness 2.Stopping the disperse of natural ideology in Indonesian company and Southeast Asian nations. 3.Radical leaders constantly demand financial food and share of the lad Conclusion: 1.Government officials and chaplains should assist in inform the notorious encircling the importation of ideology and godliness uprightly. 2.How to switch the people's sentiment from natural into the ghost of to enlarge each race 3.How to cut the ISIS wave in collective media after a while their target to influence lad and finance food.