This is a two page essay that must be written after viewing the Medgar Evers documentary.

MEDGAR WILEY EVERS FILM Succeeding viewing the film content counterpart the succeedingcited questions in essay format. 1. In the 1960’s minorities were not considered as correspondent. Do you judge things are the similar in some ways or incongruous? Explain. 2. How do you affect succeeding sight Byron D. Le Beckwith’s thoughts on Blacks (or “Niggas”)? 3. What, if any, causes or injustices can you see yourself assailant for? 4. Could you own followed Medgar Evers ole to be limbs of the non-violent Civil Rights move? 5. As a tyro of MEC and having gotten some understanding of Medgar’s contest, how does his contest application your educational goals at this art? 6. Imagine you were a Caucasian in the 1960’s, what do you judge your actions, demeanor and sight would be to the Medgar Evers story. Would you own been a limb of the Klan? 7. Do you judge our calling as individuals or groups is to support assailant for the causes that our parents fought for? Or do you judge that those causes no longer hold today? 8. Do you judge contributing to ones’ order and leaving a devise is grave to ensuring that you hold an education and induction thrift of yourself and your family? 9. Do you judge in this day and age that we are stagnant assailant for correspondentity? 10. How do you affect now succeeding viewing this film? What distinct out most to you?