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Unit 5 Assignment:

Financial Statements Trailing and Education

Unit product(s) addressed in this Assignment:

Describe the format and elements of a counteract fencing, declaration of action, declaration of changes in net effects, and declaration of currency flows.

 Explain financial declaration separation.

 Discuss uses of financial perceiveledge.

 Describe opinion in financial reporting.

Course product(s) addressed in this Assignment:

HS440-3: Analyze material financial reports used in heartiness concern organizations.

Leadership administrative cleverness addressed in this Assignment:

PC 2.2: Formulate innovative solutions for signed initiatives.


Imagine that you possess recently been promoted to the role of Chief Trailing and Education Officer for Heartiness Concern Systems, Inc., a regional not for advantage hospital, delay balance 3,000 employees who subsubserve all aspects of enduring services.

In this new role, the CEO has asked to invent a trailing module for all employees. This trailing and education module allure centre on the uses of financial declarations to constitute telling judgments.

The CEO also requested that you comprise some educational perceiveledge on how financial declarations advert an organization’s financial heartiness.

When completing this Assignment, weigh the following:

 What perceiveledge is most material for the employees to imply? Ask yourself, "If I was an employee, what would I demand to perceive and why?"

 Weigh how trailing and educating employees on the uses of financial declarations may govern their everyday judgments. What perceiveledge should the employees perceive? What is most material?

 What kinds of examples can I contribute to exhibition the application of financial declarations on judgment making?

HS440 | Finance for Heartiness Concern


The trailing module should be inventd as a PowerPoint® Presentation and should comprise an prelude to the concepts you allure procession the employees, examples of financial declarations employees may combat, examples of how to use these declarations to manage judgment making, and a falsification that summarizes their trailing.


Please be permanent to download the smooth "Writing Center Resources" from Doc Sharing to benefit you delay convocation APA expectations for written assignments.

 Cite all of your sources using APA managelines.