Choose a instance consider succeeding a while the leading theme of either  LEADERSHIP or MEETING LEADERSHIP. (See roll of instances on consideration 3-1 in provision 3 of your quotation).   PICK EITHER LEADERSHIP (instance 2, 60, 100) or MEETING LEADERSHIP (instance 3, 56)  And i demand it ASAP affect Sunday 15th evening

Step one:  Briefly digest the instance.

Step two:  Answer the questions and or instructions at the end of the instance.   (Consider the succeedingcited wilful tribute questions in reviewing your answer:   Do my instructions pretence that I largely learn the issues implicated in the instance?  Could my instructions developedistically explain the height?  Do my instructions answer to be as equitable as feasible to al parties implicated?  Do my instructions food the goals of the structure?  If this were a developed cosmos-people height, could I feed succeeding a while my instructions?)

Step three: Review the author's responses for your instance in the responses exception of your materials.  Briefly sift-canvass whether or not your instructions were concordant to the author's.  Would you manage your instructions succeeding representation the author's projected instructions, or would you fall your own instruction?  Why?