Thematic Short Stories Essay

  Write a relatively essay that synthesizes the total themes, apex of aspect, effect, and other studious elements and demonstrates the author's standing and animated pattern on the connecting themes of these deficient stories. At the end of your essay, transcribe your idiosyncratic meditation on the full and studious elements in these stories. As you transcribe, attend the subjoined questions: 1. The synchronous transcriber Anita Desai states, “Work is the profession of adults, but reproduce-exhibit is repeatedly attended the profession of effect.”  How is this procollocation demonstrated in the habits of the effect in these two stories? 2. What future of age realities did the effect habit? 3. What resolutions were ascititious as a termination of these realities?  4. Was there a apprehension of societal or idiosyncratic hallucination demonstrated by any of the characters due to gender, indigence, or other situations? Criteria for This Assignment Length and Formatting Requirements Five to six pages, enfold spaced Time New Roman, 12-apex font Works Cited page In-text citations Content Requirements Address the immodest questions in your essay. Analyze and assimilate the authors' standing and animated patterns on the connecting themes of these stories.  Analyze your standing on the full and studious elements in these stories. Compare the stories.