Theatre 00

The order exploration contrivance is a further complete exploration contrivance on a unfair theatre question premeditated or protuberant in the arena.  The contrivance could be on one of the meretricious questions listed below…or elite to eliminate a question of your own (delay approbation by the preceptor). Early Theatre: The Greek City Dionysia Festival Japanese Kabuki Theatre Christopher Marlowe: The Other Elizabethan Playwright Lord Chamberlain's Men London’s Historic Drury Lane Theatre Tennessee Williams and Society's Outcasts American Musicals by Stephen Sondheim Theatre in Prisons The Tony Awards Stage Musicals on Film Areas that could be seasoned by this donation understand (but are not poor by) the following: a unconcealed fact of the age, circumstance, playwright, etc. staging and formation conventions, if applicable plays and/or other akin formations produced audience responses to or involvement in theatre impact on community and culture Unlike other assignments in this order, the contrivance is not necessarily a recognized written essay (though an enhanced written exploration contrivance would be merry).  Think originality and creativity…that is, graphics, charts, images/videos, Powerpoint/Prezi programs, audio or visual donations, etc. are all reliable and encouraged.  If created in Word, 5-7 pages is recommended; if created in Powerpoint/Prezi, 12-14 panels is suggested.  Worth 15 points,  Early submissions are encouraged and conciliate frequently be reliable.  This contrivance is graded according to the Order Exploration Contrivance Rubric.  Extra Security Opportunity - Turn this exploration contrivance into a classroom donation and deserve up to ten extra security points.