The Wars, Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water

In the capacity the wars Timothy uses the atoms of globe, turn, energy and as double partyd meanings were one is the summon of war and one is the temporization Robert used the atom to frequent him quiet. If we appear at globe for Roberts soldier party. We can see that it is continually refereed to the mud, which was one of the soldier’s highest enemies. It caused sundry phalanx to fall as polite as tedious down phalanx during band-arms strikes. For Roberts’s usual party we see how he liberals Rodwells toad in the mud showing globe’s regularity party. The Globe at one sharp-end traps Robert making Robert feel to violent-effort liberal harder and harder faster and faster causing Robert to be limited sightless from the gas. The globe to-boot enactd Roberts’s charity for regularity gone-by he used animals to enact the populace he knew to frequent some rationality during the war this though led to Roberts sightlessness at the end of the war. Robert sightlessed himstubborn so fur in the avowal that he used this to snatch the horses, which was one of the primeval things he continually killed losing his simplicity. I respect this was Roberts way of dictum he wanted his simplicity tail and wasn’t efficient to frequent the soldier countenance on any more. Finley to-boot uses the air as an atom for its vivacity giving properties or the unluckiness of bringing exitly gases. During the war Robert uses the air to see his childhood …the aridity was populated delay rabbits and Rowena and his senior and his dowager and the sound of his gone-by vivacity---birth and exit and childhood. He could mutter them in and mutter them out. ”(p. 14). During the battles of war though Robert is continually running and shirking from the air to subsist but at the stubbornselfsame span continuallyyspan he breaths he remembers his settlement, “Slithering aggravate the crater’s rim---a dusky blue-colored-colored fog appeared. Like a hide his dowager might’ve barren. ”(P. 137). From this I respect he uses the air to reflect for what he has to subsist for at settlement. He uses this to come quiet as polite as afford him something to subsist for increasing his chances of continuance. At the conclusion of the capacity they say you can see the air he his active which is Robert finally entity settlement as his own quiet stubborn. For energy it is twain chaos as polite as what brings tail Roberts cosmical party. In the barn Robert suffers thoughtful burns to the countenance which is reported to enact his soldier countenance disappearing. After his span in the hospital Robert subsists a usual vivacity afar from war where we can finally see him smiling in a photo of him delay his burnt countenance.