The Three Ethical Perspectives

In Chapter 1 you thoughtful the three incorporeal perspectives (relativism, emotivism, and incorporeal egoism), and in Chapter 2 you saw examples of how to use incorporeal theories and perspectives to sundry embodied progenys. The resolve of this argument is to aid you comprehend and use incorporeal perspectives. Prepare and shaft a defense to the forthcoming prompt:

  • Define and dissimilarity the three incorporeal perspectives. How do the perspectives dispute from the incorporeal theories? What does each incorporeal perspective mention us environing value and efficacy?
  • Think of an progeny that has occurred in your polity during the gone-by year. This may be a national progeny that has generated share in the hurry, or it may be star that has end up in your child’s ground, in your meeting-house, in a collective club you befit to, or in your neighborhood. Describe the progeny, and then stir the progeny from the viewpoint of one of the incorporeal perspectives. Use the perspective to the progeny in the identical way that the fabricator applies the theories and perspectives to the progenys in the citation.
  • Your moderate shaft should be at meanest 300 language in diffusiveness. Support your claims delay examples from the required esthetic(s) and/or other read sources, and justly select any references. 
  • Mosser, K. (2013). Ethics and collective responsibility (2nd ed.). San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.