The Sandwich Generation

1) What are some of the essential ends that want to be considered when discussing the Sandwich Generation? Generate a roll of items. 2) How capacity gregarious scientists from irrelative disciplines dialogue environing these ends? For sample, what investigations would a psychologist ask compared to an anthropologist? What ends would be the standpoint of a sociologist? How capacity a gerontologist construct this collection? 3) What are some possible controversies ingrained in this end? Think environing why this gregarious collection capacity be reserved to unfold. Are there gaps in our familiarity? Lack of instrument? Opposing gregarious views respecting funding? Think broadly and from an interdisciplinary perspective in arrange to rejoin to this investigation.  4) Where does the explanation lie? Are there policies that want to be alterable or absolute to reunfold the end? Are there programs or services that capacity aid to lessen caregiver lot? What can employers do to aid? View the video at the aftercited attach to imbibe more environing the Sandwich Generation: Next, recognize the aftercited article:  Wassel, J. I., & Cutler, N. E. (2016). Yet Another Boomer Challenge for Financial Professionals: The "Senior" Sandwich Generation. Journal Of Financial Service Professionals, 70(1), 61-73.