The Poetry of Cosmic Love

Elle McHugh English L202 Paper 2 – Analysis October 15, 2012 The Poetry of “Cosmic Love” Emerging in the summer of 2009, Florence and the Machine, a British indie-roll knot, has a distinction of a mix betwixt spirit and roll. Nonetheless, their gauge is best picturesquely by their bring still n essian Florence Welch as, “bigwig overwhelming and all-encompassing that fills you up . . . ” That said, their still n ess contains an ethereal strain delay graphic elements that set them aloof from other still n ess. Such a ditty by Florence and the Machine that exemplifies graphic elements is “Cosmic Love. This point melody tells the recital of miss who droops in charity delay a boy and befits consumed by it. However, she fears that he may not handle the corresponding, and befits completely bewildered by this solicitude. But, succeeding, she comes to the well-balancedt that she was mistaken. In regulate to pointed this incident, Florence and the Machine practice graphic mechanisms to amend clear-up the contrive of this recital. Thus, owing of reach and exuberant image the ditty “Cosmic Love” by Florence and the Machine can be equated as a lay. The most indisputable of these graphic devices that are commissioned is reach. Cosmic Love” is middle of swell-balanced disgusting-line stanzas or quatrains, which halt betwixt thread and chorus. As picturesquely by Kennedy, the use of quatrains, “is the most contemptible stanza reach used in the English-expression [of] poetry,” (Kennedy, 531). Accordingly, this uniformity gives the ditty a obvious outline, which exceedingly aligns it delay contemptible arrangements of poetry. Along delay its tangible air, owing “Cosmic Love” conveys a recital, it has the textual air of a lay. Thus from these two elements, “Cosmic Love” produces a congruous betwixt ditty and poetry. Another facet of reach that appears delayin this ditty is diffuseness. The chorus of “The colossuss, the moon, they entertain all been blown out/ You left me in the ebon/ No dawn, no day, I’m regularly in this twilight/ Of the attendant of your character,” (5-8) is numerous disgusting times throughout. Due to such harping, the chorus is hugely emphasized. Accordingly, the consequence of the miss’s handleings of inobservance by the charity she is experiencing is evinceed. Also, owing this recurs so frequently, her impecuniosity to fly these excitements is compound. It is as if she is continually ambushed by these handleings. Therefore, from this alighting of excitements, this ditty exudes graphic reach, anew. Another key graphic element represented delayin “Cosmic Love” is an exuberant image. This dupe is exercised to advance the reason of the recital told. As can be seen throughout the ditty, this image may associate to the laws that manage the globe, as represented by the message “cosmic” in the distinction. For copy, she clear-ups in the chief stanza that, “A reversion colossus subvert from your character/ And landed in my eyes/ I screamed audibly, as it tore through them/ And now it’s left me ignorant,” (1-4). Though this may appear to be picturesquely as an explicit well-balancedt, it does not average that a colossus literally subvert from the sky and landed in this weak miss’s eye, as that would be wholly a susceptible experiment. However, it may clear-up that she began to droop for this point boy, and it has left her unconscious of the quiet of the globe or of the happenings in it. Moreover, this associateence to nature ignoranted by a colossus may well-balanced be imageical reference to the expression of nature colossusry-eyed. As defined by the Oxford-English wordbook, colossusry-eyed averages to be, “full of excitement, hopes or dreams environing someone or bigwig. And, in this sensation, it exceedingly relates to the sentiments that are nature voiced, and breeds a relation to images that are used in poetry. Such tropical expression continues on through the chorus. Perhaps, the lyrics; “The colossuss, the moon, they entertain all been blown out,”(5), clear-up that the globe as she knew it has been quenched approve a candle. She may entertain befit oblivious to the constants that dominate our globe. Furthermore, when the ditty avows, “No dawn, no day, I’m regularly in this twilight/ In the attendant of your charity,” (7-8), it may be describing that she is trapped in a indefinite unconsciousness of the beyond globe owing of her charity or this boy. Along delay this, the cosmic image persists into the assist thread. And, as indicated by the lyrics, “And in the ebon, I can give-ear your characterbeat/ I expert to discover the gauge/ But it stopped and I was in the ebonness/ So ebonness I became,” (9-12), normal as trite the globe dissolves into death, she too may entertain drifted into a harmonious ebonness. She is maybe so apprehensive that this boy may not portion-out her handleings that she has befit approve ebonness of the death. And, anew, the use of this image continues to extend to incorporate poetry and this ditty. Finally, in the third and decisive thread, this image persists. This stanza maybe clear-ups that she grounded to indemnify herself from her ignorant and colossusry-eyed avow by “ . . . [taking] the colossuss from my eyes . . . ” (17), and discover a way out of the ebonness as indicated by the lyrics, “ . . . and then I made a map/ And knew somehow I would discover my way end,” (17-18). But, quickly realizes that she was not over in her fears of unshared handleings owing, “[he was] in the ebonness too,” (19). Or, that he was past in a harmonious death approve ebonness as she was. Then, owing of this, she, “ . . cling[s] in the ebonness delay [him]” (20). Thus, this image to the cosmos deepens the lordship of charity they entertain for one another. And, in comparing their charity to the laws delayin the globe, the designation of their handleings for one another appear to be otherworldly and approximately intellectual. Once anew, this exuberant image that was adroitly bashful maintains to propagate a approveness betwixt this ditty and poetry. Throughout “Cosmic Love,” Florence and the Machine uses graphic devices to evince, stay, and advance clear-up the recital delayin the ditty. Their insightful power to reach use of reach and an exuberant image creates a laudable lay. Therefore, in applying general graphic reach and crafting an exuberant image to illustrate this charity-struck trip, this ditty is verily an artfully imaginative lay. Work Cited 1. “Cosmic Love. ” Moshi Moshi Entertainment. 2009. Web. 11 Oct. 2012. www. florenceandthemachine. net 2. Kennedy, X. J. , and Dana Gioia. "Chapter 17: Closed Form. " Backpack Literature. Fourth ed. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Education, 2012. 512-31. Print.