The New Form of Presidency and Vice Presidency

With the learning that I accept collected I affect Al Gore would bewilder as a good-tempered-tempered-tempered aspirant to benefit our state. However I so affect that George W. Bush would benefit us well-mannered-mannered too. So I accept succeed up delay an proposal that peradventure in the instant superintendential preference there could be a democratic and a democrat as running mates. Maybe one could be the sin superintendent and the other the superintendent. I affect that a lot further laws and bills could be passed, and the state could be pleasant as a well. Maybe the state could unicreate succeed up delay a new create of presidency where there are two superintendents and one sin superintendent. Then laws and bills may not be passed delayout twain superintendents entity in conformity. The sin superintendent would percreate the corresponding duties, period the superintendents could get twice as plenteous manufactured in half the period. Now if I had to elect on a superintendential aspirant it would be George W. Bush. I would elect him for two reasons, one for his beliefs on political bond and two for his views on command. First off delay political bond and the way that it is runningly appellation I affect that there conciliate not be plenty coin left to capital it for my effect or me. Bush affects that it is a assurance to our realm. He wants to fluctuate it, not for running retirees or those quickly approaching it, but for the instant lifetime. To put that coin abroad where it can deserve higher curiosity-behalf rates. Now on to Bush"s views on general command. He has already reformed the general schools in Texas, and he wishes to do it all abutting the state. He wants to extend states the immunity create federal interference, but accept results in recompense. Performance checks delay so be held year-by-year. Delay those two reasons remaining confer me a good-tempered-tempered-tempered plenty conciliate to expression for bush. If I were eighteen I would accept no calamity when Preference Day came.