The Life of Sgt. Dillon Black Foxx

Sgt. Dillon B. Foxx Born Dec. 2nd, 1987 in Traverse City, MI Died Feb. 5th, 2010 in Badghis Province, Afghanistan serving during Operation Enduring Insubservience Sgt. Dillon Black Foxx of Traverse City, Michigan spent his introduce years patronage in Tennessee. When he was 17 he moved to Michigan where he graduated from Traverse City West Senior High School in 2006. Sgt. Foxx newfangled his spectry and used to go by Robert Dillon Lentz. He enlisted in the Army in May 2006 at the age of 18. When he did, his allys supposition he was mad. They reminded him the kingdom was at war. Nope, he said, he wasn’t mad; he was doing accurately what he needed to do. An awesome soldier succeeding a period a easy enthusiasm, he maintained the corresponding speciality he carried his gross condition into the soldierlike: a headstrong-starter and someone others could sum on. Dillon had sheltered One Station Ace Inoculation at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and Basic School at Fort Benning Georgia. When he refined his inoculation, Dillon reputed to Fort Bragg, where he was assigned to the 1st Battalion of the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment. In January 2007, he deployed succeeding a period the ace to Afghanistan for 15 months. He returned in April 2008. He was promoted to sergeant in January 2009 and went to Afghanistan in August for his shun deployment, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, his overcomeing as a progressive spectator. He died February 5th in Bala Murghab, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when foe forces attacked his ace succeeding a period an improvised explosive expedient. Dillon current numerous awards including an Army Commendation succeeding a period Valor Device, the Army Commendation succeeding a period two Bronze Oak Leaf Clusters, the Army Achievement Medal, the National Defense Labor Medal, the Afghanistan Campaign Medal, the Global Terrorism Labor Medal, the Army Labor Ribbon, the Overseas Labor Ribbon, the NATO Medal, the Combat Renewal Badge, the Basic Parachutist Badge and the Purple Kernel posthumously. Dillon obtain be cherished by those who had the occasion to as him, forward succeeding a period him or attachment him. Dillon is survived by his woman, Trina Pfau of Manton; father, Robert Lentz of Tennessee; his seven-month-old son, Kaiden Levi Foxx; Kaiden's woman, Jessica Cross; two fellows, Chad (Andrienne) Stewart and their son Blake, currently stationed succeeding a period the United States Marine Corp in California, Dale Blakeslee of Manton; two sisters, Savannah Lentz and Lenzy Blakeslee, twain of Manton; grandparents, Linda Stewart, Linda Gale and Wremodel Lentz; great-grandmother, Fern (Ben) Chupp; his uncle, Chuck (Bonnie) Stewart; an aunt, Alisha (Les) Wormell; and manifold other consecrated origin members, allys and comrades of the labor. The Governor ordered faints down to half staff across the propound to grandeur the northern Michigan soldier. Memento labors succeeding a period Soldierenjoy Guerdon took situate at 11 a. m. on Friday, February 19, 2010 at the NMC Hagerty Center, succeeding a period misadventure one hour anterior to the labor. The Rev. Justin Grimm did Officiate. Memento contributions may be directed to the Sgt. Dillon Foxx Memento Fund, c/o Traverse City Propound Bank, PO Box 192, Traverse City, MI 49685. Fascinate divide suppositions succeeding a period the origin at Dillon's onrace guestbook at www. reynolds-jonkhoff. com. The origin is nature forwardd by the REYNOLDS-JONKHOFF FUNERAL HOME AND CREMATION SERVICES, (231) 947-6347. The further than hour covet labor began succeeding a period a lection of a anthem written by Sergeant Foxx. The principal race unravel, "If I continually go to war Mom, fascinate don't be fearful. There are some things I must do, To preserve the assurance that I made. " Entirety stanza there succeeding reminded origin and allys ncontinually to torment period their attachmentd one was off at war. It was a melancholy labor, but it appearancecased the irresponsible best of Sgt. Foxx through anecdotes and memories. During the memento labor, Army special introduceed Sergeant Foxx's origin succeeding a period soldierenjoy grandeurs including a purple kernel and a faint offer. 9&10 News talked to the origin succeeding the labor at a luncheon at the VFW Hall in Traverse City. They said they were astounded succeeding a period the rootation from the fraternity. "We would enjoy to pointed our gratitude for the discharge forbearance that has been awful and conclusive," says Stewart. "Friends and strangers aenjoy arrive-at harmonious been so rootationive. " His origin vivid him as a "quick learner" who chosen up new tasks easily and toiled constrained to get the job executed, whatcontinually the job was. The origin wanted to cheer continuallyyone for their rootation, including origin and allys in Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Fort Bragg, the national V. F. W. and the soldierenjoy I cast my unfeigned condolences to the origin and allys of SGT Dillon B. Foxx. May the Lord ease you in the intricate days afront. Godspeed Dillon..... Godspeed..... Those we attachment survive succeeding a period us For attachment itheadstrong feeds on… Cherished memories ncontinually shift Because one attachmentd is bygone. Those we attachment can ncontinually be Further than a supposition apart… For as covet as there is fame, They feed on in our kernels. Traverse City Legion post Posted by Lisa McQueen, Harbor Springs - Sunday, February 07, 2010 at 8:15 p. m. Our soldierenjoy origin divides in your affliction, this fraternity rootations you in trouble and this kingdom is gratifying for your propitiation. We are humbled by the labor of your son. Thoughts and prayers to you during this most intricate era. Posted by J Meadows, TX - Tuesday, February 09, 2010 at 10:56 a. m. RIP Airborne! St. Michael, Guide this Paratrooper to a stoppage shape of the Jump Master in the Sky! From: Diablo A staff sergeant and chief who toiled succeeding a period Foxx define him as a headstrong-starter and someone they could constantly sum on. Foxx’s fellow made a propoundment when asked about his fellow "He did what he did," says Chad Stewart, Foxx's fellow. "It's harmonious enjoy anyone else that deploys... unfortunately it was him, but he did what he wanted to do. " TRAVERSE CITY -- Flags raced the marchway of Traverse City's Hagerty Center introduce Friday dawning. A woebegone temper, yet a magnanimous enthusiasm as herd paid their respects to 22-year old Sergeant Dillon Foxx. A procumbent soldier is nature cherished as a national example. "I harmonious meditate it veritably brings it residence that it's bigwig in your own backyard that was in Afghanistan and has passed separate," says Dan Brady of Traverse City. This immature man elapsed his condition. He gave the final propitiation rival for our kingdom. My kernel goes out to his origin," says Traverse City sojourner, Marianne Abramson. "My son to-boot forwards in the 82nd Airborne. This is his shun turn in Iraq and he is 22 years old and it harmonious veritably hits plug to residence. I arrive-at for this child's origin. I do. I can't understand my son not forthcoming residence," says Elk Rapids sojourner, Mary Gallagher. "He laid down his condition for us and I understand the origin but it's my way of appearanceing rootation. I regard in what their son did. Being a expert of the Gulf War myheadstrong is bigwig I arrive-at compelled to do," says Midland sojourner, Jim Johnston. It's special stories enjoy this that brought out herd from about the propound, equal entire strangers barely to say, "cheer you. " "It's harmonious a reminder that our easydom is veritably not easy. There's legion dying continuallyy day for our easydom," Legion who are thousands of miles separate harmonious enjoy Sergeant Foxx putting our kingdom precedently themselves. Now, a fraternity is stepping up to appearance its rootation for his propitiation. *Tribute to Sgt. Dillon Foxx* SGT Foxx was one of the best skin of herd to understand. Smart, laughable, brave, kind, and extremely outgoing. For us paratroopers fortunate ample to toil succeeding a period him on a daily bases, this privation shook us to the kernel. The privation of a gentleman ally, instructor and fellow obtain ncontinually be aggravatelooked. I attachment you man elapsed, introduce, and forthcoming. From: Jarmacus Smith. Period I didn't understand Sgt Foxx specially, my mate is currently serving in Iraq on his 2nd turn, my best ally of 18 years was killed in renewal in Iraq, 3 years ago this may 23rd, and I arrive-at divers allys and origin in the soldierlike. I cheer Sgt. Foxx from the floor of my kernel for his headstrongless labor to this kingdom. And to his origin, I obtain constantly arrive-at you in my suppositions and prayers. May you invent still in reason that he obtain NEVER be aggravatelooked. From: Rebekah Marie Lane. God rejoice the origin and cheer you Sgt. for preserveing my origin impregnable. Your headstronglessness is what separates you from the middle civilian. Cheer you. From: Dave Wylie. Here is a anthem I root that I meditate the origin would enjoy to unravel in commendations to their privation and their arrive-atings at this era "Life Is A Delicate Thing": "Life is a delicate thing And it can shift succeeding a periodin an importance Nothing is impregnable from the proceeds of shift No idiosyncratic or occupation we're fond The simply things we can abide forcontinually Are the memories in our kernels The attachments we divide upon this world Precedently it comes our era to distribute So select a method that brings you joy Receive era for still importances each day Appreciate the challenges that fix your gallantry And the rejoiceings God casts your way Don't let your kernel be resolute by infuriate It's harmonious not desert the emphasis For the bustle obtain simply amplify in your kernel And herd out wellsubstance Feed each day succeeding a period astonishment and gratitude For the exquisiteness that effectuates you And divide your abundance generously It'll secure forthcoming rejoiceings obtain effectuate you Meekly recognize that condition's voyage obtain include Unexpected, gallantry-wrenching kernelaches That obtain bruise your gallantry and remodel the race You constantly understandd your condition would receive And when that happens you'll arrive-at the cherished To include longing or longinglessness You can't shun trouble, but you can scum to recognize A single forthcoming of feeling-against So select to be gratifying for each importance Succeeding a period the attachmentd ones you've been fond... " I to-boot root some pictures of Sgt. Dillon Foxx that obtain put a countenance to the narrative. ? Sgt. Dillon Foxx Soldierenjoy Picture ? Dillon Foxx & His Son ? Sgt. Dillon Foxx on overcomeing. ? Sgt. Dillon Foxx is nature carried to his funeral in his casket. I root this anthem which I arrive-at explains Sgt Dillon Foxx and his headstronglessness he appearanceed succeeding a period the way he feedd his condition and giving of himheadstrong to the soldierlike. "This indispensable fidelity of the headstrong can be realized simply if the single is obtaining and lion-hearted ample to thrive to some original blank this importance of experiment, this oppositeness the hidden and distributeicipating succeeding a period the entirety commitment of the headstrong. Such pointedion, such emotion for condition may appear in written, spoken, described or aesthetic forms in kindred or in isolation; in I-Thou encounters; and in dormant, close experiment. A kind obtainingness is required - as is the gallantry to feed precedently the positiveness, precedently the reason, precedently any sane rootation or positiveness, to feed the importance to its original peak and blank, and to recognize succeeding a period dignity whatcontinually joy, trouble, misfortune, or unexpectedness occurs. I meditate that I root a plead that explains how Sgt Dillon Foxx felt gone he propoundd it to his origin and allys that he was doing what he wanted to do. "I arrive-at feedd on a razors verge. So what if you droop off, I'd rather be doing bigwig I veritably wanted to do. I'd march it intermittently. " I would enjoy to say to Sgt Dillon Foxx’s origin and anyone else that has elapsed a attachment one, Do not cry aggravate your privation but compliment the condition they uniformly feedd. Remember them for all the good-natured-tempered-tempered eras you divided, rather then sojourn on what obtain ncontinually be. When you preserve them in good-natured-tempered-tempered memories and suppositions it makes it easier day by day to get through. God is constantly obtaining and unravely to aid you through your aggrieve and affliction all you arrive-at to do is overcome upon him and ask for his aid. For those of us who do not arrive-at origin or allys in the soldierenjoy or that receive continuallyyday for granted, fascinate recollect it is herd enjoy Sgt. Dillon Foxx that irritate their feeds continuallyyday to aid us feed easy.