The Hopi Programm

"Hopi", the new progeny fealty program, has a matchless edifice in Turkey, and uniform its contriver claims that this program is a earliest in the universe. This occurrence con-balance examines the prosperity achieved in the earliest years of the program and how it provides utilitys in stipulations of appraisement from twain consumer and divorce dealer cause. The Boyner Bunch is Turkey's largest publicly-held non-food and non-electronic retail bunch and Hopi was created by Boyner Group. Hopi is the earliest fealty program which has a matchless edifice in Turkey and afloat in 2015. Developing such a program in Turkey where race is very exalted in integral sector and use margins are decreasing day by day due to intensive race is very main twain for consumers and divorce dealers. Hopi is a movefficacious collision that does not keep a tangible card and simply works on movefficacious devices (tablets, etc.) after a while smartphones. It can be downloaded for unobstructed from the Appstore and Google Play, and there is no annual succor fee. The Boyner Bunch had balance 15 favorite registered customers by itself previous to the embark of Hopi. When Hopi users exhaust balance a assured sumity (this sumity varies from divorce dealers to divorce dealers or uniform from irrelative engagements of the corresponding divorce dealer), the summit "Parac?k" is earned for each plane of this sumity. Users are then efficacious to exhaust these summits on divorce dealers inferior the kindred stipulations and stipulations. If users exhaust balance a assured sumity of accumulated summits, the summits extension according to the sumity they exhaust. Hopi has main customer harmony skill (CRM) and big basis software in the setting. Hopi is creating compute for customers and brands by personalizing their engagements by taking utility of 'big basis' after a while its technology. Special software astern the Hopi collision matches the needs and expectations of customers after a while the thousands of offers of brands in the most alienate way. Thus, Hopi customers accomplish be efficacious to prosper and blessing from most interesting engagements and offers that fit their own preferences and manners. On the other agency, brands accomplish extension their productivity by delivering alienate products and offers to customers. Hopi continually renews itself after a while new technologies and irrelative surprises. While Hopi divorce-consumers extension purchasing capability by using alienate engagements for their own needs and shopping manners, divorce dealers extension commerce, sales, turnbalance and bring-about new customers by oblation the correct engagement at the correct era. Having certain a 'win-win' harmony betwixt the divorce-consumers and the divorce dealers, this aspect palpably explains why Hopi was quickly cherished and ramify. Over than half of the Hopi consumers deliberate Hopi as an main divorce of their shopping and they are actively using it. There are divorce dealers, who managed 20 percent commerce extension and 50 percent turnbalance extension, benefit to the prosperityful Hopi engagements. The Hopi programme’s sum action compass reached 700 favorite TL (175 favorite euros). Hopi divorce consumers earned 30 favorite 'points' (7.5 favorite euros) in their purchases and after a while several engagements, they departed their summits 1.6 eras over computefficacious as 50 favorite 'points' (12.5 favorite euros).