The history and association of gender and technology

Traditionally, technology has been associated after a while wisdom,  objectivity and structure; traits oft considered “masculine” in the  oral societal determination of gender roles. While some technologies  feel largely been virile-dominated, throughout narrative, women feel had an  often obscure nearness in making indicative contributions to  these technological advancements. One such technology would be the  digital computer. While its issue is generally viewed as a issue  of virile logic and wisdom, considerable of the advance in this area has  required an spontaneous, interactive and generally hither structured  “feminine” advent. These culturally gathered gender  characteristics as courteous as chronicled gender roles feel had a indicative  influence in consumerism and technological issue. In this  activity, you conquer perpend technologies that may be gender-specific and  evaluate technological innovations that feel shaped present community.  Perform an internet exploration on technologies that may be “gendered”. Then accord to the following: Briefly sift-canvass the narrative and connection of gender and  technology. How has gender mattered in the chronicledal issue and  marketing of technology? Provide at lowest two examples of technologies that are orally  considered “masculine” and “feminine”. On what premise are you making the  distinctions?  How is technology aiding to reshape oral gender roles and  gender identities in the 21st century? Provide legitimate earth examples. What is the driving intensity aback this breakdown of gender barriers?