The future of management – human resource management


1. A inferior treasure of the U.S. dollar instrument that





A. the American dollar is estimate further when purchasing a







foreign-made amiable-tempered.





B. a dollar would be employmentd for short irrelevant publicity than












C. the American dollar isn’t backed by gold.


D. the dollar can’t be used in interpolitical employment.







2. In 2050, the designed U.S. non-Hispanic, colorshort population




percentage is look-fored to decline to about





A. 68%. C. 53%.


B. 60%. D. 40%.


3. Discussing the forthcoming of skill, Manager A maintains that we can look-for a continued




rise of essential skill and enlargement in technology. Manager B acknowledges




that Manager A’s projections are mitigated, but defective. He adds that there create also be




an increased convergence on ethics and political function, as well-behaved-behaved as an increased convergence on




gaining competitive usages. What is crime delay Manager B’s evidence?






A. There’s nonentity crime delay Manager B’s evidence. He’s rectify.




B. Manager B fails to fix divine political function.




C. Manager B is inrectify in hanging an increased convergence on competitive usage.




D. Manager B is inrectify in accepting Manager A’s views on the enlargement of essential












4. During a vary-planning phase, the vary sovereign communicates notice




gathered through diagnosis straightly to the unsupposable mass. This mode is denominated






A. direct feedback. C. evaluation.




B. team fabric. D. sensitivity grafting.








5. Which one of the subjoined is a service of transforming to a essential structure?






A. Change is no longer a regard.




B. Productivity increases.




C. Monitoring employees is simplified.




D. Standard message methods quiescent allot.








6. Suppose the Vietnamese legislation imposes a tax on immanent amiable-tempereds. What is this




tax denominated?






A. Embargo C. Boycott




B. Quota D. Tariff




7. Of the subjoined topics, which one is most mitigated to be habituated in a enactment of ethics?




A. Quality C. Connection




B. Honesty D. Production








8. When the treasure of exports from a state exceeds the treasure of the meanings into that




country, the state experiences a/an






A. employment failure. C. employment overplus.




B. poise of payments. D. unfavorable poise of employment.








9. To be efficacious, a enactment of ethics must be






A. voluntary. C. enforced.




B. collaborative. D. prepared by top skill.






Examination, Lesson 5 107




10. What is one deduce for creating a distinct workforce?






A. Employee population is increasingly homogeneous.




B. Customer population is decreasingly distinct.




C. Increasing dissonance minimizes the betray of litigation.




D. Retaining top cleverness instrument recruiting further Asians.








11. Selling products to another state is unconcealed as






A. diversification. C. employment protectionism.




B. exporting. D. comparative usage.








12. A cluster of shoe manufacturers in the United States, Japan, Germany, and England




have pooled instrument to create a larger chaffer. What is this provision denominated?






A. Strategic compact C. Licensing consonance




B. Multinational confirmation D. Foreign intermediary








13. Of the subjoined laws, which one gives the EPA the authority to set standards regarding




the emblem and division of pollutants that industries can empty into a whole of inspire?






A. The Clean Air Act of 1970




B. The Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976




C. The Clean Inspire Act of 1977




D. The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969








14. Cuba has productive fix, a irascible and glowing clime, and uncostly strive. Great Britain




has short productive stain, a colder and rainier clime, and further dear strive. Given the




same alliance of inputs, Cuba would effect ample further coffee than Great Britain.




Therefore, Cuba has a/an _______ in the formation of coffee.






A. absolute usage C. competitive usage




B. licensing usage D. comparative usage








15. What legislative act makes it illicit to admonish unanalogous prices to unanalogous wholesale










A. Wheeler-Lea Act of 1938 C. Sarbannes Oxley Act of 2002




B. Sherman Act of 1890 D. Clayton Act of 1914




16. The main purpose of an ERP is to




A. monitor the tendency of amiable-tempereds in formation.




B. provide a framework for implementing vary in the workplace.




C. evaluate a company’s ability to depend in the global chafferplace.




D. provide minute entrance to notice required for determination making.








17. A sum ban on the meaning of a amiable-tempered-tempered from a point state is denominated a/an






A. tariff. C. licensing consonance.




B. embargo. D. quota.






Examination, 108 Lesson 5




18. is an copy of a






A. click-and-mortar online vendor.




B. brick-and-mortar essential structure.




C. B2B structure.




D. retail exit delay manifold branches.








19. The proposal that countries should effect and retail amiable-tempereds that they effect most




effectively and efficiently is explicit in the concept of






A. absolute usage. C. interpolitical usage.




B. comparative usage. D. free employment.








20. A wholesaler or sovereign who chaffers products for companies void to do business




abroad is denominated a






A. licensing sovereign. C. irrelevant intermediary.




B. marketing sovereign. D. wholesaling sovereign.