The Criminal Justice System

Assignment 1 The Iniquitous Integrity Plan April 26, 2010 According to the American Heritage Dictionary, the iniquitous integrity plan is a “plan of law enforcement, the bar, the judiciary, chastisements, and proof that is immediately complicated in the apprehension, prosecution, excuse, sentencing, confinement, and supervision of those reputed of or abounding after a while a iniquitous offense” (Mifflin, 2007). The iniquitous integrity plan grant to subjugate misdemeanor by bringing past offences to integrity and mount open reliance that the plan is untarnished and earn liberate for the law of perpetual citizens. The iniquitous integrity plan consists of three areas (1) law enforcement (police), (2) administration (courts), and (3) chastisement (jail, prisons, proof, and precariousness). These agencies keep-effect coincidently in the iniquitous integrity plan underneathneath the administration of law and as the foremost media of maintaining the administration of law after a whilein communion. However, in the three areas, the police explain misdemeanors and constitute arrests, the flatter sentences the offender and the chastisement plan convey out the amercement and requalify the offenders. The iniquitous integrity plan pristine goals are integrity for peculiar, idiosyncratic leave, order of rational people, and the rightful to due regularity. Integrity for the peculiar requires that all should keep what belongs to them, and so the normal man earn requite to the communion, or State, of which he is a limb, what is due to it. Idiosyncratic leave media insubservience from compulsory material slavery or detriment and insubservience from tyrannical interlocution after a while one’s concealment and rightful belongings. On the other operative, rational order is an look of intellectual concept that rational people should not be treated as objects. One implication of rational order is that full rational being should be notorious as a precious limb of the rational sympathy and as a rare look of career. Last but not smallest, due regularity is the origin that the synod must normally i-elation all of a idiosyncratic’s juridical rightfuls instead of normal some or most of those juridical rightfuls when the synod deprives a idiosyncratic of career, leave, or estate. The due regularity passage in the Fourteenth Amendment protects athwart set-forth of persomal synod affront of talentedness. In quittance, a iniquitous integrity plan that is sincere, untarnished and talented is one of America's most momentous institutions. All law perpetual citizens are control by due regularity according to the iniquitous integrity plan. Therefore, it is very momentous for all citizens to prosper the law according to the police statues, the flatter statues, and the chastisement plans statues accordingly there is frequently increase in this scope. References American Heritage Dictionary A History of American Iniquitous Justice, http://www. en. wikipedia. org