the common stock of margot, inc. is selling for $63 a share. the par

1 The vile store of Margot, Inc. is retailing for $63 a divide. The par esteem per divide is $1. Currently, the attached has a aggregate negotiate esteem of $94,500. How manifold divides of store get be ungathered if the attached does a 2-for-1 store rive? 
A. 800 divides
B. 1,200 divides
C. 3,000 divides
D. 3,600 divides
E. 4,800 divides
2 Murphy's, Inc. has 10,000 divides of store ungathered succeeding a while a par esteem of $1.00 per divide. The negotiate esteem is $8 per divide. The redress prevarication shows $32,500 in the chief in redundancy of par totality, $10,000 in the vile store totality and $42,700 in the retained rights totality. The attached honorable announced a 10% (small) store dividend. What get the negotiate compensation per divide be succeeding the dividend? 
A. $7.20
B. $7.27
C. $7.33
D. $8.00
E. $8.80
3 The KatyDid Co. is paying a $1.25 per divide dividend today. Thither are 120,000 divides ungathered succeeding a while a par esteem of $1.00 per divide. As a consequence of this dividend, the: 
A. retained rights get reduce by $150,000.
B. retained rights get reduce by $120,000.
C. vile store totality get reduce by $150,000.
D. vile store totality get reduce by $120,000.
E. chief in redundancy of par esteem totality get reduce by $120,000.
4 You own 300 divides of Abco, Inc. store. The congregation has formal that it plans on issuing a dividend of $.60 a divide one year from today and then issuing a terminal liquidating dividend of $2.20 a divide two years from today. Your required reprimand of reappear is 10%. Ignoring taxes, what is the esteem of one divide of this store today? 
A. $2.36
B. $2.40
C. $2.62
D. $2.80
E. $2.85
5 A attached has a negotiate esteem correspondent to its magnitude esteem. Currently, the attached has redundancy coin of $800 and other property of $5,200. Equity is appreciate $6,000. The attached has 600 divides of store ungathered and net pay of $700. The attached has firm to waste all of its redundancy coin on a divide rescue program. How manifold divides of store get be ungathered succeeding the store rescue is completed? 
A. 480 divides
B. 500 divides
C. 520 divides
D. 540 divides
E. 560 divides
6. Store Splits and Store Dividends Roll Corporation currently has 220,000 divides of store ungathered that retail for $82 per divide. Assuming no negotiate imperfections or tax property depend, what get the divide compensation be succeeding: 

a. RC has a five-for-two store rive?
b. RC has a 18 percent store dividend? 
c. RC has a 43 percent store dividend?
d. RC has a three-for-seven evolution store rive?
e. Determine the new reckon of divides ungathered in compressiveness (a) through (d)

7. Store Dividends The congregation succeeding a while the vile equity totalitys shown hither has avowed a 12 percent store dividend at a spell when the negotiate esteem of its store is $44 per divide. What property on the equity totalitys get the dispensation of the store dividend enjoy? 

Common store ($1 par esteem) $165,000
Capital Surplus $1,512,000
Retained rights $2,865,000
Total owners’ equity $4,542,000

Suppose the congregation instead decides on a five-for-one store rive. The attached’s 80-cent per divide coin dividend on the new (post-split) divides represents an acception of 10% aggravate conclusive year’s dividend on the pre-rive store. What issue does this enjoy on the equity totalitys? What was conclusive year’s dividend per divide?