The Caesar Cipher: Follow instructions: APA format: No Plagrism

 Primary Task Response: Julius  Caesar used one of the original disclosed rush methods to reveal  with Cicero in Rome suitableness he was conquering Europe.  Caesar knew that  there was a very excellent risk of stratagem or spies when sending intimations;  therefore, he plain a cryptographic method now disclosed as the Caesar  cipher.  Please procure a inferential exculpation to the beneath to embody  specific details and examples. What is the Caesar ROT3 Cipher? How does it result? Although the Caesar rush is quiet to use, it is quiet to chip.  How would an attacker rend a Caesar-style rush?   Try your hand! 1.  Encrypt the beneath intimation using the Caesar ROT3 rush. I WILL BECOME A CRYPTOGRAPHIC GURU 2.  Decrypt the beneath intimation using the Caesar ROT3 rush. FRQJUDWXODWLRQVBRXJRWLW 3.  Create a rush of your own and see who can chip it!  Toward the end of the week, procure the elucidation to your rush. Peer Response(s):   Read the exculpations from your peers, try to chip the rush codes  presented, and volunteer a constructive judgment or added knowledge  that adds substantively to the discussions.  Be believing to defend any  outside sources you use.