The Brave One Essay

Movie: The Brave One Actress: Jody Foster unimpeded Erica Bane In The Brave One, Jody Foster plays Erica Bane she is the number of a radio pretext wheedle Streetwalk. The movie set-outs out pretexting her delighted. She is planning her marriage, cream out colors for invitations. She attends a chum's art pretext. He deference pretext up to set-outle her behind he says he can't end. They plod abode unitedly arm in arm. They then get their German Shepard, Curtis, and conduct him for a plod in the limit. They cast a ball and Curtis runs into a tunnel to go get it but doesn't produce. After a few minutes they go to contemplate for him. In the tunnel there are two medium delay a video camera and they are trade their dog. Erica and her wife ask for the dog end but they two men set-out to revile them. They grip at her and initiate to hit them twain very violently. They oversucceed them delay a metal pipe and all the date they are video taping and the dog is barking. Erica wakes up in the hospital where they state her that her deference is dull and they accept already buried him. She has been out for separate days. There are scouts at the hospital viewing a whole of a assassinate martyr. They chat to the dull dowager daughter who is in the uncertainty margin and her stride senior pretexts up. The scouts ask Erica to contemplate at some mug shot and what she can mind but it exacting for her to chat encircling and she doesn't mind abundant. She produces abode and set-outs having flashbacks of the onset. She wakes up in the intermediate of the extinction and conducts some skin of pills. A chum wheedles on the obedient channel and asks to conduct her out to do star but she exact ignores the wheedle. When she leaves the hall, I branch on a skate consultation set-outles her and she seems indiscreet. Erica then goes to the police location to see encircling her predicament and she is told to halt. Behind a opportunity she leaves and you get the discernment that she feels desolate. She goes and tries to buy a gun. The man at the supply states her that there is a thirty day uncertainty epoch. To this she replies that she won't outlast thirty days. She gets a gun from some man and he teaches her how to use it. She set-outs smoking. The scout from the hospital is perplexing to tend the small maiden abroad from her stride senior accordingly he is perplexing to compel a predicament abutting him and gard that he destroyed the small maidens dowager accordingly she was going to tell abutting him. A small succeeding in the movie Erica is in a supply and the clerk gets shot. She is in the end and the ramificationer didn't understand she was there until her phone rang. He contemplateed for her and she shot him precedently he could ramification her. She is to-boot having distress at operation and chats on her pretext encircling how she apprehensions New York, the city she unintermittently solicituded-for, and wonders if she obtain constantly be the individual she unintermittently was. She is riding the subway and some men set-out to tora another wayfarer. He gets off but she stays in her risk. They then set-out to tora her and she ramifications them to-boot. She notices that her hands aren't contradiction anymore. She understands what she is doing is evil-doing and that she didn't accept to ramification them. She produces to the exhibition behind police accept arrived and she chats to the scout stateing him that she is interviewing him for her pretext. He recognizes her from the hospital. The police end up delay a vigilante hypothesis. Erica graces chums delay the scout and she does a side for her pretext encircling him. She plods sole at extinction almost notorious to contemplate for distress and finds herself in a few past situations where she destroys vulgar who medium to damage her or someone else. Duaccentuation this date she has beend arrest chums delay the scout and he skina suspects that it might be her committing these crimes. He states her that they endow a accentuation that was stolen from her duaccentuation her onset and she contemplates for the men aftercited a guide from the impignorate garner where he accentuation was endow. She finds them and destroys them. The scout responds to the shots and he finds her there. He states her to conduct the dull man's gun and ramification him in the shoulder and get out of there. He doesn't adapt her in. She gets her dog and the movie ends. I gard that Erica Bane has Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. From my Nursing Dissertation notes someone most confer-upon at meanest one romance from each of the aftercited categories. 1. A vitality menacing occurrence 2. A solution the occurrence-helplessness or apprehension, recuraccentuation thoughts encircling the occurrence or flashbacks, or extinctionmares 3. Avoidance- problems delay remembrance, diminishd cause in immateriality, foreshortened forthcoming, a diminish in interest, and or a incorporation from other vulgar through derealization, depersonalization, or rupture 4. Physical symptoms of arousal such as doze problems, irritably/anger, problems concentrating, exaggerated set-outle solution, and or hypervigalence Erica's symptoms: -Life menacing occurrence- entity onseted and having her deference destroyed -She avoids chating encircling what has happened delay the cops aphorism that its exacting for her to chat encircling -After produceing abode and throughout the movie she has flashbacks of her onset -She has distress dozeing and is prelude some archearchetype of therapeutics when she wakes in the extinction -She doesn't vindication wheedles from chums who shortness to do romances delay her -She spooks easily, kid on skate consultation She buys a gun aphorism that she has to accept it now that she won't outlast 30 days -She set-outs smoking and when a neighbor states her that it obtain destroy her she says that she doesn't solicitude -She says that she feels love there is a foreigner within her -She has problems at operation -Goes out ploding the streets sole at extinction contemplateing for distress putting herself in past danger