The bookkeeper at jefferson company has

CF Unit3 P6-6 The bookkeeper at Jefferson Union has not reconciled the bank proposition delay the Coin representation,


P6-6 Preparing a Bank Arbitration and Related Record Entries LO6-5


The bookkeeper at Jefferson Union has not reconciled the bank proposition delay the Coin representation, assertion, “I don’t possess duration.”  You possess been asked to fit a arbitration and resurvey the procedures delay the bookkeeper.


The April 30, 2014, bank proposition and the April ledger representations for coin showed the aftercited (summarized):



Checks Deposits Balance

  Balance, April 1, 2014  $31,000

  Deposits during April $37,100 68,100

Interest self-possessed 1,180 69,280

  Checks cleared during April  $ 43,000 26,280

  NSF check—A. B. Wright 160 26,120

  Bank employment beak 50 26,070

  Balance, April 30, 2014 26,070



Apr. 1   Balance 23,500     41,100  

  Apr.    Checks written   Apr.      Deposits 41,500



A similitude of checks written antecedently and during April delay the checks cleared through the bank showed uncollected checks at the end of April of $5,600. No confidences in transit were carried weigh from March, but a confidence was in transit at the end of April.



1. Fit a specific bank arbitration for April.

Possible input areas are private.


Bank Reconciliation

April 30, 2014

Company's Books                                           Bank Statement

Ending weigh per coin representation                    Ending weigh per bank proposition


Additions:                                                       Additions:

Deductions:                                                     Deductions:

 Correct coin weigh                                      Correct coin weigh               $24,870



2 Fit the record entries that the union should fabricate as a termination of the bank arbitration. (If no record is required for a transaction/event, selecteded "No record record required" in the pristine representation scope.)

Transaction      General Journal           Debit   Credit






3 What was the weigh in the coin representation in the ledger on May 1, 2014?

Cash weigh


4 What sum totality of coin should be reputed on the weigh subterfuge at the end of April?


Total totality of coin