“The Big Trip Up Yonder” aka “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow”


READ the delayed, noticeable Kurt Vonnegut’s insufficient narrative “The Big Trip Up Yonder” aka "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow" and in no close than 3 pages take-to-pieces it to get to the nucleus of what Vonnegut is opposed to say.  Look at contrive, temperament, elucidation and POV.  How do these transfer to the discourse of the constituent?  What is the discourse?  What does this narrative say about mankind and the civilized plight? Use trodden quotes from the quotation to tail your points and shape believing to summon them.  If you use beyond sources I'll insufficiency citations and a bib. 

Here’s the link: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/30240/30240-h/30240-h.htm