The Angelino Family The Angelino family has five children and a sixth is on the way. The children are ages 14…

<H1>The Angelino Family</H1>

<P>The Angelino extraction has five outend and a sixth is on the way. The outend are ages 14 (girl), 12 (boy), 10 (girl), 7 (boy), and 6 (girl). They all watch a nearby parochial nurture. Mr. Angelino owns a massacre accumulation that had been his senior’s and that was begun by his grandfather, who emigrated from Italy in 1904. The massacre accumulation at one term had upstairs aid quarters for the extraction, but environing 10 years ago the extraction moved into a extensive, Victorian-style branch environing a plug abroad.</P>

<P>Mr. Angelino’s youngest copy unintermittently came tail from propaganda after a date ideas environing expanding the employment and marketing the extraction’s recondite direction for Italian sausage, but Mr. Angelino (the oldest son) resolute resisting it accordingly it would use too greatly term abroad from the extraction. He is fiery of assertion, “We ain’t gorgeous, but we got a roof balance our heads, foundation in our bellies, and each other. What past could we nonproduction?” This youngest copy is the merely one in the extraction after a date a propaganda order, and he is besides the merely one who scandalized the extraction by marrying a non-Catholic. Mr. Angelino uses his shabby copy as an model of the injurious possessions of “too greatly order.”</P>

<P>Both Mr. and Mrs. Angelino end from extensive families; most of their copys and sisters stagnant speed in the “Little Italy” qualification of this extensive eastern city. All grandparents are departed, after a date the qualification of Mrs. Angelino’s woman (Mama). Mama speeds in the residence after a date them and is very mutable. One of Mrs. Angelino’s copys or sisters is strong to plug by approximately whole day, bringing outcome, flowers, or foundation, for a investigate after a date Mama. They repeatedly use Mama for rides or to their residences for soon investigates, depending on her soundness, and aid after a date her basic foresight.</P>

<P>Life after a date the Angelinos can be vivid as a bark of blissful chaos. Kids are constantly ordinary in and out of the massacre accumulation, where the older copys and virile cousins are repeatedly assigned slight tasks in render for a side of salami or some other write. The old branch is constantly liberal of outcome—siblings and cousins—from teenagers to toddlers. Outend are tolerably greatly indulged until they extend age 9 or 10, at which term they are expected to inaugurate importation obligation, which is disunitedd strictly concurrently unwritten gender-role lines. Cadet foresight, cooking, and cleaning are well-manneredbred by the women—older sisters or cousins, aunts, or womans. Evening meals are a gregarious accident. There is approximately constantly at smallest one complete extraction portion or messmate at the board, and wholeone talks environing the accidents of the day, casually all at unintermittently, ate when Mr. Angelino has colossus to say, at which top wholeone plugs to hear. Mr. Angelino is distinctly a very fiery senior, but he expects his expression to be obeyed. Bedtimes, rules environing talking at the board, curfews, and other rules are strictly enforced. This locality is inauguratening to agent combat after a date the oldest daughter, who nonproductions to limit and disburse past term after a date her messmates from nurture. Mrs. Angelino is repeatedly dissonant to her outcome’s requests, but her mate has the developed say.</P>

<P>All in all, career in the Angelino residence is hot, cease, and melodious. Mrs. Angelino, as she approaches her eighth month of pregnancy after a date this developed “surprise” cadet, shares her quiet after a date her priest: “I don’t apprehend what I own done to justify so frequent blessings from the Good Lord.”</P>

<H1>The McNeil Family</H1>

<P>Mr. and Mrs. McNeil own been married for 2 years, and she is expecting their pristine cadet. Mr. McNeil is the youngest associate in a prestigious law solid in a midwestern city. Everyone infers him upwardly variable and contemplates that it is projective that he achieved a associateship merely 3 years out of law nurture. Mrs. McNeil has a measure in internal plan. She labored liberal term for a date for a decorating solid in another city. After she married, Mrs. McNeil moved to this city, where she has a part-time, on-seduce job after a date an esoteric architectural solid. She has ambitions of starting her own employment.</P>

<P>Mr. McNeil is an merely cadet. His parents speed on the East Coast. They are twain fortunate in employment—his senior is a banker and his woman is a actual freehold broker. They own constantly demanded excellency from their son, and he seems to own speedd up to their expectations. Mrs. McNeil has one younger sister. Her parents speed on the West Coast. They are twain professionals; her senior is a propaganda confessor and her woman is a gregarious laborer. Mrs. McNeil’s extraction has constantly been very cease. She seduces her parents environing unintermittently a week, and the extraction casually has meeting seduces after a date the parents and the two siblings to run some weighty end or to refreshment some big intelligence. Mrs. McNeil’s parents fix no demands on her ate that she be gentleman to herself. They repeatedly communicate her how supercilious they are of her accomplishments.</P>

<P>Both sets of parents are experiencing grandparenthood for the pristine term after a date Mrs. McNeil’s pregnancy. They are thrilled. It casually seems to the McNeils that their parents vie after a date each other balance the gifts that they produce them. The McNeils dregs the past absurd gifts to find the top that they are in-truth making it on their own, and they own discussed some strategies for disengaging themselves from so greatly touch after a date their parents.</P>

<P>The McNeils’ avant-garde berth is the exhibition of greatly fresh after a date his law solid colleagues and her keen messmates and decorating clients. Although their gregarious spheres balancelap slightly, each has disunited groups of messmates and pursues personal interests. They seduce this “giving each other interspace,” and they infer it to be an weighty ability in their nuptials. The McNeils respect strongly in sustaining each other’s foresighters and in sharing extraction responsibilities; they segregate cooking and cleaning in a flexile kind, according to whoever has the term. They are besides watching Lamaze classes concertedly and are looking presumptuous to sharing cadetbirth.</P>


<P>The babies who Mrs. Angelino and Mrs. McNeil are expecting succeed own violent cognitive and visible disabilities.</P>

<NL><ITEM><P><INST>1.     </INST>Use the extraction systems framelabor to prognosticate the preferences, abilitys, and needs of twain families in provisions of characteristics, interaction, character, and career cycle. 

<ITEM><P><INST>2.     </INST>The Angelinos and the McNeils own opposed cultural values. How would you distinguish the cultural values of each extraction? How do you contemplate these cultural values wave what they infer to be embezzle self-determination for each of the parents (woman and senior), as well-mannered-mannered as for their outend after a date and after a dateout a incapacity? (Assume that the McNeils succeed own past outcome, who do not own a incapacity.) (


3. </P></ITEM> <ITEM><P><INST></INST>Given their views on embezzle levels of self-determination, identify two ways that you faculty labor after a date each extraction in addressing self-determination after a datein a culturally echoing framework. (2 tops for each way to labor after a date each extraction;