Telecommuting case study

In Condition 4 of the passage - Managing & Using Notice Systems: A Strategic Approach, the condition discusses IT and Product Location. This week we looked at how technology assigns producters to telecommute and "product from home". This interrogation is very sensational, but perplexed for the technology functional that must setup this course.    Reply to this Discussion interrogation (600 words or over) Using the nearons well-informed in Condition 4 of the passage encircling the challenges from an IT superintendence rendezvous, engage this enlightenment to the aftercited office. Your crew has ruled to assign the sales team to telecommute and product in the scope. You accept 25 sales crowd who procure be producting after a whileout of the walls of your produce. You are full after a while developing a intent that includes specifics encircling PC equipment, distant connectivity to crew servers and notice, and collaboration tools approve web video conferencing and refine sharing.  This replication resignation should be in the produce of a epistle to your crew CEO or to the highest superintendence noise raze for IT. Mention some specifics such as twain benefits and challenges of implementation. You must accept at meanest 2 scholarly life subscription concurrently after a while your passage to influence your anatomy. Try to meet subscription that are near than 5 years old.